Throwing 6-Stack DYECMS

This team was actively suiciding and throwing to lower elo. Please help review and gain attention!


So who cares its a 6 stack


I once saw a Mercy get stuck with a hard throwing 5-stack. I never before had to report so many people for Gameplay Sabotage and Inactivity…

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Yeah, but as btc mentions, at some point they’ll start smurfing and ruining loads of games.

Sad it’s more fun for some people to bully worse players than to play properly.


It also means other players on the opposing teams could end up way higher then they should be and ruin those games as well as they can’t keep up

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Respect for a fellow btc watcher.

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Made me realise how useless reporting was.

I’ve reported some Blatant throwers and no response.

Makes sense if people are running throw stacks of bots and ruining dozens of games and keep on getting away with it.

6 thrower stack slipping by I understand as people like free wins.

But the guy with the thrower Sigma bot. I’d expect 5 reports per game for that…