Throwers, blizz React?

When does Ur company React for these throwers? I have reported same nicks again and again but for what? Same people does this again and again and they are very proud and state that reporting Them does not do a s**t and i can agree.

I mean getting rid of these toxicwaste IS not really that hard with todays technology.

Cant u really do anythingh about it?

Its Even worse than IT was 7 Set games, u allways get one on 5 Match and Then its just game over. So If there IS no consequese this type of actions why anyone at bronze should play If they got one Loose?

Just face IT this kind of ranking/mmr just encourages to throw If u got one Loose at Ur 5 game Set.

I don’t think blizzard cares, in gm I have witnessed a Winston throw all the way from top500 to bronze 5 on dps and they were doing the same thing on tank, they were probably reported numerous times and they still were playing.