This Valk would be a lot more Fun

Sounds like a lack of creativity to me.

Spamming the devs with excuses to buff Rez isn’t going to get you guys anywhere.

Nor is shutting your brain off to any other ideas that aren’t buffing Rez.

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I mean it’s not going to make Valk anymore fun then it already is… but it’s a start???

Personally deleting Valk is the way to go to make Valk better.


We had several discussions about it and detailed threads as well. You ignoring and dismissing all of it is your choice.

In Titaniums latest thread we introduced rez as her ult again with fair counterplay and less cheese. I dont see how “we” want buffs there. We gave a lot of feedback and even came up with an e-ability which is a skillshot.
So yes we have enough creativity and brainpower to come up with good and fair changes for Mercy. Now there is you with the same spam threads about how valk maybe could be good.
No sorry I will stay with the better ideas instead of denying that this rework was a failure and should be dumped into the garbage.

And since I have seen enough of you on this forum to know you will never admit anything, change your mind or even try to understand others have a nice day with your valk thread goodbye.


Titanium’s idea can be summarized as:

  • Remove Valk
  • Buff Rez
  • Add some other E ability

I genuinely don’t think the devs want to do those first two bullet points.

And like I said, it shows a lack of creativity that it always circles back to an excuse to buff Rez.

Mass-resurrect replacing E-rez is a nerf; especially when you slap some other restrictions on top of it, as the rework proposal does.


Game developers should be allowed to dumpster their mistakes. That includes ultimates. :slight_smile:

  • 5m range single rez on a 1.75sec cast
  • 15m range mass rez on 1.00sec cast

That’s a straight buff in every sense.

Maybe everyone skimmed through that part? Maybe you should bold it because it literally has a huge amount of counterplay offset by buffs to the ultimate and nerfs to her AOE capabilities are replaced with a utility E ability. But I mean… no counterplay :thinking:

  • Locked behind an ultimate that, from historical statistics, has the same numerical results as the current Mercy, but doesn’t have any of the following advantages:

Doesn’t most of Mercys kit rely on her team playing poorly? If they didn’t, rez would be obsolete.

(This is a joke. Don’t kill me)

The trick of course is that she’d have much higher performance at higher ranks. Where as current Rez is about the same regardless of rank.

and thats bad how? better mercy’s would get more rezzes than bad mercy’s unlike now where as you said is about the same regardless of rank


How is this bad? Good Mercy’s get rewarded whilst bad Mercy’s suffer.


Huh… your idea’s aren’t always a load of crap. Welll good on ya. If it means nerfing the chain beams too I’ll get behind this idea.

In numerical performance, yes.

But at high ranks, Resurrect was easier to counter, dampening that numerical performance. There’s a reason Mercy’s pickrate in season 5 dropped off drom 12-13% in all ranks to 4% in GM.

Which is concerning. An ability with an impact that does not change much, if at all, throughout all ranks means the ability is restricted by barriers within the actual ability, and not by the player’s skill.


That doesn’t make any sense? So the higher you climb you shouldn’t be able to do more with her kit? It needs to be the same in all ranks? What???


Well, if you can convince devs that Rez needs to be stronger at higher ranks. Good luck.

They don’t even read the forums. There is no convincing them of anything.


Don’t be silly, they do read the forums.

When it concerns Torb’s arm.

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My simple wish for Mercy is that they attempted to fix Ressurect an ultimate, because Valkyrie is a bit underwhelming imo.