This Thanksgiving weekend, log on, play and watch with Overwatch 2!

How about we spend time with people who don’t foam at the mouth with contempt for our existence, instead? That would be a lovely break from Blizzard.

No thanks. I got Andor to watch and not to waste time playing your game with your terrible matchmaking.

Just make sure that if you’re gonna eat a bunch of turkey and food to hide your wallet in case you fall asleep on the recliner. There have been sightings of Blizzard around the kitchen.


thank you happy holidays to the team who hopefully enjoys some time off

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Hope the team has a happy Thanksgiving this :slightly_smiling_face:, Can’t wait to see what’s in store for us in the future!

No thanks, fix your matchmaking/shop then ill re-consider. The match qualities are in the gutter.

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I dont think I have played this game since like… 6 weeks ago. The forums are WAY more entertaining. Than a cheater-infested game.

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Is this like the OWL rewards you haven’t given out to buy viewership?


Stop making skins and work on balance.

She has more personality now, being much more brassy and loud, the problem is her personality is now almost entirely bootlicker. She’s basically a flying cop through and through, with all her nonsense about being part of Helix Security and wanting to join Overwatch and calling out the villain characters for breaking the law.

Absolutely not attractive.


Why would I play OW2 instead of watching FIFA worldcup matches?

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The most corporate take I ever seen since blm. “Hello [CustomerName], play our [GameName], we are cool and we love you, really”


35million active users?
The tank queue times say otherwise!

Good show. Goated casting.

Ghost Grandma hero go!!!

Attack with SPOOOOOOOKY Cookies.

Here is an idea for you, Blizzard - those “cool rewards” better include actual, real-world turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.

If you weren’t so bitterly contemptuous of our existence, I’d be willing to suspend my disbelief and pretend that that was anything other than a bold faced lie.

Have a great Holiday everyone! Or at least a really good weekend with good food and friends.

Are we allowed to celebrate by playing with our friends on console? Or are you lot just gonna keep ignoring the fact that you can’t make groups by invite since your last update screwed the systems up?