This new support better be LIT

They don’t really look like hero materials, but I wouldn’t mind either of them tbh. We really could use a male mature support hero.

What about them?
Do they look Mercy cute to you? or are they even faces we’ve already seen before?

It’s funny that those two are what people are theorizing to be the next hero.


Yes. On Esperanca.

Am I misunderstanding you or something?

I wish the Sombra ARG was much better planned, cause I am pretty sure how it was made caused the backlash.

We both want an ARG, but I don’t want a something like the Sombra ARG ever again.


Probably not them directly. Do they have younger relatives?

That… is a huge leap of faith, but whatever floats your boat I guess…

Are you saying a character that’s related to some recently disclosed picture of two men is someone we’ve seen before, who happens to be Mercy cute and is the next hero?

Hmmmm anything is possible…

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I was just answering your question :joy:

We do have characters on Esperanca whose faces we have seen, that’s all.

Gotcha, All good

Yeah, I just don’t see any logic behind those two…

The people who are advocating that theory is quite baseless IMO.

How dare you insinuate that Overlord isn’t waifu material


Remember that the new support hero also has ties to Midtown.

That’s the thing.
We’re not sure if the Season 4 hero is the one who has ties to Esp + Mid or the Season 6 hero.

Like I said, anything is possible. We’ll have to wait and see…

Max is adorable, I’ll have you know. He’s just a silly boy.


They said that the hero was hinted on Midtown. That’s not the same thing as having ties to it.

It’s most likely referring to the intercom line referencing the Atlantic Arcology, which is a place created by the Martins who are featured on Esperanca.

Also like Antique mentioned, we don’t know that this particular hero is one of the upcoming ones.

Then it seems likely that the referenced hero is probably from the Atlantic Arcology rather than being one of the Martens from the portrait.

And yeah it might not be the s4 hero either.

The Martins’ created the Arcology, so it could very well be one of them if not someone related to them.

I just want a support that both has a hitscan weapon and can run in order to cut down on Walking Simulator™. Ana and Bap are cool and all but they trundle along.

If turns out to be Esperanca woman though, then I hope she’s as snazzily dressed as Esperanca man. We only see her face IIRC whereas we see him swishing a wine glass. He gets the better deal out of the two, imo.

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Just please bring some damn skill to the role- it’s been too long.

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I can expect the support hero get nerfed in 1st week. Would not suprise me, since kiriko happaned same

I really don’t know what the hell are they waiting for to start building up some hype around the new hero. Not a teaser, not a clue, nothing. Radio silent as usual.

Valve just blew up the internet with CS2. We are about to lose another chunk of the playerbase, that’s for sure. They better start pumping out quality content if they want players coming back to this franchise regularly.

I don’t want cute I want a beefcake. WTH Blizzard?