This new support better be LIT

With all this waiting and anticipation, this support better be something we have never seen before.

No name, no reveal, not even an idea of how the kit might be. Just that the character will be “cute”?

Don’t let us down blizzard


I seriously hate when they’re super silent on stuff like this.

Give me teasers like Kiriko and ball had prior to their release.


I think he’ll be “lit” we know they said he’s gonna have a new way to interact with their team as a support and all OW2 heroes have been very well designed IMO.

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If it is a he, I am going to flip out. They had better not after bringing Waifu fans all across the world hope.


Lets gather what we know:

  • Next support is mercy cute
    (Maxymilien Out)
  • Mercy is called moth coze shes fly
    (flyin hero I forgoten name Out)
  • but the next support is not pet cute
    (Jetpack cat Out)
  • Mercy is a woman
    (Overlord Out)
  • Mercy is lawful good
    (Vilan hero Out)
  • Mercy is the only hero with auto-lock
    (Take a notes moira haters)
  • daves also wanna more mercy like supports
    (no one knows what they mean by that. Primary focus on healing? Less flex? Supportive team ult?)
  • theres hints on Esperanza
    (Theres painting of 2 guys that build big wall around city and its a new company focused on health/heathy things we do not know it yet)
  • theres interaction on Midtown
    (I found nothing and internet is quiet about that, so we can assume no one found it yet)
  • new support will have new mechanics to interact with team
    (No info about that)
  • new hero is a support
    (At least we do not have to worry about rework 2day before realise like echo, sombra, doomfist or been reworked leater like sym)

Did I miss something?


Remember when we had a full on ARG with Sombra?
Devs were dropping bits and bobs on anywhere and everywhere and people were gobbling it up.


As long as it’s not another stupid trendy hero. Tired of cute, ninjas, military protagonist, furry, whacky, and edgy.

  1. The new support isn’t a carbon copy of Mercy so half of your projections are moot.
    The only actual evidence we have is that the next two supports are “Mercy-cute”, probably alluding to her general attractiveness rather than her gender/mechanics. The next two heroes could be evil Null Sector omnics with attractive looks for all we know.

  2. The hints in Esperança and Midtown are also very weak as they’re VERY (almost TOO) recent. Characters who’ve been hinted before like Sombra and Junker Queen took at least over a year to join after their hints being revealed. JQ took an entire new game to be added.
    We still have Mauga who’s waiting to join and he’s been hinted since Baptiste. Some random character isn’t being added before him.

Other evidence is:

  • Them being supports
  • The supports being more interactive
  • The support (the first one at least) isn’t an animal
  • Faces we’ve seen before

and that’s about it.


I will say it again: it will be a member of the new faction “the collective”. So either a professor or a cute human like robot.

The devs said that we can find hints at Esperanca for the NEXT hero.


Yes, but people keep focusing on the wrong things. The hero isn’t going to be blatantly depicted in Esperança, but people keep pointing to the dumbest/weakest “hints”.


I wish the Sombra ARG was better received, cause I’m pretty sure the backlash is why they said they would never do one again.

Like, it did drag on a bit, but it was really fun and neat for the lore.

It went on for 3 months as I recall, that’s a pretty long teaser.
The backlash was well deserved.


Maybe it’s this omnic from a wanted poster in Paris.

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This is what makes me doubt the next support is going to be some random individual from esperanca we’ve never even seen before.

Out of all the known-faces character we had:
Ana (first mentioned in voice lines) was already in the works as she was the first hero after initial OW1 release.
Sombra (first mentioned in voice lines) was also in the works I bet.
Doomfist (firt mentioned in OW trailer + gauntlet in Numbani) was a fan favorite and was added purely due to fan request.
Junker Queen (first mentioned in Roadhog + Junkrat’s short) is the same with DF, where she was so popular they just had to add her.
Ramattra (first mentioned in Archives event) was already in the works.
Mauga (first mentioned in Baptiste’s story) was also going to be added but Sigma replaced him. Hinted to be added soon.

I bet it’s the character’s mechanics/theme that’s being hinted, not the character her/himself.

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Ana & Sombra had no face reveals since both of them were probably planned ahead like Kiriko and Sojourn for OW2.

DF and JQ were added purely out of fan service.

Ramattra and Mauga are technically the only known characters we’ve seen before and only one has made it to the game, while the other one is still waiting for release.

Yet people believe the hero is being hinted in Esperança…

Why people keep focusing on the wrong evidence is beyond me…


Twoo weeks and will see what that support is and what can do but its strange theres still no leakes

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Maybe it’s a portuguese hero. If the hints are in Esperanca. Which mean I think means Hope if its like in spanish sounds like esparanza.

If it’s mercy cute probably a female hero. Although I would like a cute twinkish guy character for once.

Blizzard sure is taking their sweet time aren’t they?

We haven’t seen any Portuguese, let alone a Esperanca related character. That wouldn’t really count as “faces we’ve seen before”. (read my previous reply for more info)

But then again, we have TWO supports coming, so maybe the next hero after season 4 might be someone from Esp, who knows.


What about Hector and Claudio Martins?

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Yeah. They always leak something but with this hero theres nothing + the face we’ve seen before… theres not mutch and that could mean its anyone from video, art Book, short story and comics. It was someone that x hero speak with? was in background where is that face?

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