This is how next week is gonna be:

I lowkey hope it will lead to another disappointment so everyone will finally raise their pitchforks.

There will not be a change without a bit of serious shaking.

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Well, they already did all-in with Investors and Twitch with the $20-35,000,000 per team deal; and I have to say it is developing to be a great stabilizer for the Overwatch gameplay department (other than getting most of viewership in Twitch these days). It’s basically part of a balancing /game bug finder team (since they have 16 teams, skirmishing 8-10 hours a day, so hell yeah they’ll find bugs).

The non-pro scene however, has been declining, things that actually pertain to Overwatch as a game: story, cinematic, good heroes, balances, events etc.

If it slouch, there will nothing keeping the game “interesting” anymore. Overwatch currently only has 20,000 views (used to be 60,000) on Twitch if OWL/World-cup or events are ON. Well below Heartstone (stabilizing at 40,000 viewers).

That’s not bad, since the game has been amazing to pertain it for 2 years. But that ain’t good either because it shows there’s nothing to keep the game “interesting”.

I believe the problem is that content is just too damn slow, or not enough in variety. It would be interesting if there is something constant, directly or indirectly, like:

  • More than 1 Archive event per year/maps
  • Actual progression in lore, whatever Animated, comics, or in-game stuff. Not just 3 hero reveals per year (that’s lazy).

I don’t think OP has to worry…if there anything that is a given in the overwatch world it’s that people will flood forums with complaints pretty much year-round

They would finally get back on the ground.
OWL didn’t exist at first and back then the game was doing not only fine but growing rapidly on popularity.

Now that there is a “profit source” everything gets put into this and nothing to the actual game.

Because I see OWL not as Overwatch but as… something different. Seperate.
The developers listen to everything they say in OWL but us? It takes months, if not years to even get noticed and after that another couple months for something to actually happen. and then its not what we want.

Prime example is the Bastion megathread.


I’ve actually been CC’d and killed after entering wraith form before. I don’t have any clips of it but it’s happened at least a dozen times. The animation will start on my screen then I’m slept, stunned, hooked, frozen, or killed. It happens pretty much just like Mei’s ice block.

This is a prime example of what their not listening to.

At this point the only thing that can actually excite me is Junkrat patch notes, everything else is a vehicle for said patch notes.

If we get a Brigitte or Hammond Cinematic I’m outta here baby

I can list at least cough Lucio three *cough zenyatta cough cinematics we are in need of first. just to name those.

It’s not too bad, and networking is tricky with designing around latency to get the best feel overall.

I just wanna see as much content as far away from owl as possible. And this is coming from a person that does find owl entertaining to watch ever so often.

I just don’t want the game to feel more about viewing than playing.

So please don’t lock too many items behind owl views, or allow thos to also be purchased at a premium with 5k creds or something.

Hours mean nothing. I only have 248 hours and have been playing since the open beta.

Not on Bubbles. Both hook and bubble can be activated at the same time. And they will both be accepted by the server.

Bastion, Sombra, McCree, Torbjorn, Symmetra, Mercy, Lucio, Reinhardt, Pharah, Reaper, Roadhog, Orisa and Junkrat players mostly.

You know the ones that have constantly been trying to help Blizzard improve the game by offering meaningful suggestions that may actually work? The ones Blizzard consistently and routinely ignores because “what would we know, we only pump hours into the heroes.”

Edit: Oops forgot Soldier, Genji and Moira.

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Hours do mean nothing. I’ve been playing for 556 days exactly and I have so many issues with this game.

they should buff reaper

They better be starting their GameCom stuff with „players, we know we fooped up, we’re sorry”

That’s the other thing blizz unfortunately doesn’t do. Apologize. They are too proud of themselves to admit that hanzo, mercy, symmetra and soon torbjorn rework was a mistake.

I just hope at either Gamescon or Blizzcon, they reveal something that changes the entire game significantly, not just some new content added on.

I’m really hoping for some more PvE stuff, but that’s definitely a dream.

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Hehe, all these salty fanboy’s remind me of the ”Why are you boo’ing me? I’m right!” meme. Lol

well if we follow the hammond logic we are gonna get an animated short next week for a character we have no idea who it is and who isn’t even in the game yet.

I hear what youre saying but not every one is angry. I’m happy for the most part with the current game (except for a few key things)

YES! HOW DARE THEY NOT REVERT MERCY BECAUSE SHE ISN’T FUN! How dare they don’t remove CC from the game! How dare they don’t remove Hanzo/Widow/Doomfist instakill! How dare they still don’t nerf brigitte to F-Tier? They should listen to us!