This is a mercy forum

Every pizza is beautiful. Except pineapple ones. I’m calling the police


You’ll never take me alive, coppers!!!

starts frantically shoving pineapple pizza into his facehole.


We’re going to let this one slide if you tell me you’re not a mercy main… Or else you’ll be forced to instapick Genji and eat pepperoni pizzas for the rest of your life !

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I main tanks and heals. Mostly Rein, Hammond, Winston, Zen, and Mercy but I’m flexible and also play a lot of Zarya, Lucio, and Mei because I hate everyone apparently.

I mean people joke that it’s a support forum. So my question is it a support/tank forum, support forum, or mercy forum, d VA forum.

All good then, move along, flex player !

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It happens any time Mercy is mentioned by the devs. Itll die out in a couple days then probably pick up again when Bap goes live cuz any new support “kills Mercy” and then itll die down again.

you can disagree, but to make a post about this is just confusing to me.
Many people find mercy bad or not fun. So we could expect this many posts.
Why bother by even making a post like this. We all know already…

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This is why I want character specific or role specific forums along with general and competitive

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Mercy posts never die, they get instantly rezzed

She’s not bad if you’re referring balance, but yeah she’s not fun and has never been for me(this is subjective though) so why play her.

Because I “bothered”(not sure if this form exists) to enter those posts and met entitled self centered people that just spam the forums and make it a bad experience for me and everyone that accepts mercy’s current state.

I disagree. I see interesting discussions about hero balance, game mechanics and fresh ideas.

And I see the same mercy posts every week coming up with the same arguments by roughly the same people, rebutted by the same facts and I’d like for it to stop.

Of course this is the easy fix but I sometimes have this weird internet warrior reaction to just want to argue and convince.
Even escaping topics isn’t enough as these guys make everything about mercy.

A hero is buffed ? “He’s better than mercy”
A meta shifts ? “Mercy doesn’t fit into the game”
A game mechanic/bug changed/fixed ? “They keep nerfing mercy”

And this is my train of thought as well. Want to keep spamming Aia Rse content ?

go there and make the 10670th reply.

I’m here to talk Overwatch, not mercy.

Considering most every Mercy post is only asking for changes due to personal reasons that have nothing to do with Mercy(I want my special feelings back, I want to be OP again) I’d say it’s more of an Anti-Mercy forum. These people have no interest in the hero, they are just acting selfish.

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Whatever toxicity that a loud minority of Mercy mains showed has been overshadowed by another loud minority of people who are trying to drown them out. :-1:


I think there are a few perfectly reasonable explanations to why there are a lot of Mercy threads on the forums. A few of these are:

When someone asks for change they think would make More more fun to play they are immediately faced by a number of replies stating something along the lines of “You all just want her to be OP again” or “You all just want mass-rez back”. Such statements cause frustration, and similar to people use a loud voice to speak in a crowded bar for others to hear them people create more threads to get their point across…

I think there is shared blame here. There are frustrated Mercy players who speak about change, and there are frustrated other forum goers that jump to conclusions or assume the opinions of others. I think if people who genuinely dislike all the Mercy suggestions would just stay out of the threads there would be a whole lot fewer threads about Mercy. But these arguments, and threads such as this one, fuels the frustration and hate, which gives birth to new Mercy threads.

So, just ignore the Mercy threads… Stop reading them. Stop getting involved. I’m sure the forum would be a lot better for it…


Can’t block the doc fam.


No you can not.

If you don’t like it, then don’t read them. No one is forcing you to.


You actually can mark them as spam. You technically have the ability. Should you? Is it technically spam? Maybe not, but you can still absolutely mark them as spam if you want.

Purely coming from a technical standpoint :stuck_out_tongue:

I am forced to see them repeatedly come up though and this is very annoying.

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Can we stop making spam about mercy posts, those are half of the problem dude.

Damn you, arbitrary technicalities!!!

It looks like grandpa is very angry at a cloud