This game is dead

This game (ow2) is absolutely terrible season by season:

  • mm is like a random generated que, flip a coin would be better
  • balance of heroes…pfff
  • blizzard doesnt care about cheaters, it should be handled immediately not months later
  • ammount of cheaters are rampant
  • throwers should be also removed from competitive or suspending their account immediately
  • hitreg went back 10 years
  • about toxicity: i dont care about rude words etc. if someone doesnt like it, turn on profanity filter, block person, mute person, 3 freakin choice, but if u say “change hero X ffs” then u got reported …kids game…hate this pc world
  • matching against group of 5 with almost solo players in team maaaaany times

and the list is countless
PS: not to mention PVE and the lie behind it

this company got the last nail in the coffin


11/50 XBL Most played games chart, up from 12/50.

Just behind Minecraft, just in front of Rocket League.

If OW2 is dead, so are those games.


If there is one thing I learned from rankdle it is that OW MMR and SR are actually pretty easy to tell so it seems far from random. People who say that generally are just trying to cope with the fact that they are stuck.

Balance is probably better than it has been in 6 years

You might not care about toxicity but the community does. Sorry that you want to be an internet tough guy but lets be very clear we both know you would never talk the way you do online to someone’s face and that is the standard for decent behavior.


ohh 2 blizzard payed defenders as usual, no surprise

stuck coz mmr is trash, learn to listen the community
community only does is reporting when someone cant take the truth, like blizzard and u guys. nowadays the thing i learned that blizzard only want to shut ppl from complaining and play silent, and yes i am the person IRL who says things offline too and i dont care who cant face it, you can go away, thats the problem about this PC world and all of who defends this there is no free to speech, you literrally forcing ppl to act however you want, you are not my father nor any of the people from my family who allowed to teach me how I can talk


oh boy another “this game is dead” post by people who don’t know what “dead” means

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You mean competitive integrity is dead. This game is no different than candy crush, just something to waste your time on and go no where with.


the amount of time overwatch has died makes me think this game has 9 lives. 7 years so it has 2 lives left. wonder if my prediction is right

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I would play again if they removed Widow. People will scream get good and break down strategies but it still doesn’t make it “fun”. Add in the tryhards who always look for leverage and now she is in every quickmatch.


Sweet, i am unbanned as of 30 minutes ago.

looks like half my post from a week ago are gone, lmao

who cares about console? on pc the game is dead

There are people on here that say the exact opposite.

I expect you don’t have any reputable data to suggest that the game is dead on PC though, because the data we do have suggests the opposite.


just use common sense. the matchmaking is all over the place because they can’t find players. every other game is a backfill because those are the only games up.

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Rocket League (12/50 XBL) is sitting at 41k peak daily players on Steam at 19/100, NBA 2K23 (8/50 XBL) is sitting at 56k peak daily, Destiny 2 (7/50 XBL) is sitting at 144k peak daily players on Steam at 8/100.

If these games and their rank data are relative to each other in a comparable fashion, and/or are similarly popular across platforms, and it still only takes me less than a minute at most to find a match in the baseline gameplay mode offered by the game, COMMON SENSE says the game isn’t dead.


In OW1, cosmetics were free and smurfing cost money.
In OW2, cosmetics cost money and smurfing is free.

I don’t know what word I’d use to describe this.

Don’t bother, people will say anything to justify their belief that the game is dead. They’ve been saying it for several years now, the game continues to kick despite their hopes to be proven right.


If the game was truly dead
You wouldnt be here saying it is dead
You wouldnt be here to begin with.
You dont speak on the forums of a dead game


more like major dead like freaking comp people should not be allowed in unranked QP at all

To be fair that’s because Xbox doesn’t have anything good to show for themselves.

The game won’t actually die. However it can and potentially will feel stagnant. Which is very close to dead. OW2 feels stagnant.

Yeah! You’re right! This game IS dead!

I should go back to playing Gigantic!