This game has officialy hit "trash" status

you must just be trolling
a 50/50 win chance match is done by grabbing from the available pool of players those 12, who can be divided in two groups, that will have minimal total mmr difference
rest is on players, how dumb or toxic they will be


that’s actually a little incorrect, It’s way more complicated than that I promise you :slight_smile: I’ve had a few hours long discussions with people about the mechanics behind the OW system.

man…down to name calling already.
I know this seems like a hard concept for you, but the system does NOT just grab from a 12 of pool players. It looks at everyone and decides to put 12 together. That’s how it works smh. To do that, they look at who does well and who does bad and divides the team up based on MMR. Meaning, the system deliberately puts good players with bad and forces a 50/50 win rate. AT NO TIME, is the system random.

It’s been a pos system since day 1 and they do this to sell people on the hopes of ranking up so they sell their game. It’s a company that’s only goal is to make money, or did you forget that?!


reread, please: no name calling happened
and “looks at everyone and decides to put 12 together” is exactly what i have written, where “everyone” is “available pool”, as in “those who are in queue right now”.

Also, game can’t have any idea what character i will be playing as, or any of the rest of 11 people.
as a personal example i have 60% winrate characters and 45% winrate characters with the game having, i repeat, no idea what character i will be playing as in this particular match.

and as for mmr - definitely by season 7 the system was working without extreme volatility in gains/losses.


Sure that’s a ‘thing’

If you are at the rank you belong

Also that is not the same as forces losses.

And 50/50 means it’s fair matchmaking so you’re just helping my argument.

Honestly with how hopeless these people are we might as well just link Kaawumbas thread that goes in depth about the reality of the system.

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I got so fed up with this game, I left for a couple seasons. Been playing Paladins mostly and absolutely love the game minus the ridiculously long ranked queue times and bugs (15 minutes!! Unbearable!! T-poses and lag spikes… urrr).

I think Overwatch can learn a lot from Paladin’s game design and adopt more MOBA-like game concepts instead of catering to tiny-brain FPS players who only care about aiming skills…

For example, hero ability/buff customization makes your counter options plentiful. Enemy team picks two shield tanks? Cool, pick a high-damage load-out and buy the Wrecker item (buffs damage against a shields). They pick heroes with crazy CC abilities? Alright, pick anti-CC loadouts and/or buy the resilience item (reduces CC time by X-%). Increased time-to-kill removes those “one-shot” BS moments when you peek a corner and instantly die (cough widow cough). Ultimates do not team wipe which makes combo-ing ultimates all the more important for key picks and removes the whole “press Q… win game” #feelsbadman moments (junkrat/pharah/reaper/genji/mei/zarya+hanzo/… why do so many heroes team wipe?!?). Pick/ban system allows players to completely delete broken/unbalanced heroes and deny stupid trolls who one-trick. Tank/support heroes are actually fun to play because they can still do their job and carry a match even with potatoe DPS players. Not to mention, their abilities are just designed better and all tanks require some level of aim. I mean… Paladins is just doing it right when it comes to game-balance and hero design in my opinion. Not to mention, an after-game scoreboard is provided with literally a simple K/D/A ratio and Damage/Shielding/Healing, and objective-time stats which clearly shows who was dragging their feet and who was trying their heart out… and guess what? I usually end up sending an invite and grouping up with people who I can see and verify are trying based on their stats.

Only reasons I still find myself playing Overwatch occasionally… faster queue times, a more “fps-like”, aim-intensive experience and the best hero ever: Ana (her ability design is just so darn fun… sniper support? heck.yes.)

No just no

I play both and they are both perfectly fine in their own regards and neither should look at the other to learn anything as they are 2 VASTLY different games

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Show us where Blizzard admitted that they use MMR to distinguish between good and bad players and puts them on the same team to balance things. I bet the only “evidence” you have is Cuthbert’s topic, which has been easily debunked as completely false and intentionally misleading to appeal to players like you.

Or did you expect to climb from Silver to Master with a 75% winrate by beating lower rated players over and over?

Overwatch definitely suffers from problems that are non-existent in paladins for many of the game design decisions I pointed out. And the community is crying out against it. Hell, even pros suggested some of these (scoreboard/pickban system). Jeff is just too stubborn to realize how many design-holes there are in his game and refuses to change it too much because it does not fit his vision. That’s fine and he is entitled to that because he owns the IP. Also, I’m not saying it can’t be fixed with new hero intros and buffs/nerfs to existing ones though… it will just take a lot of time.

Saying they can’t learn from each-other is just arrogant in my opinion.
Don’t jump on that train dude. You’re better and smarter than that. Paladins does some things better than OW. OW does some things better than Paladins. They can and should learn from each other.

Yea let’s take the shooting out of basketball or soccer and see how that goes. Motor coordination should not be undervalued in its positive competitive impact.

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This is where I recognize you from!

50% win chance is what is forced, but statistically, 50% win chance will equate to 50% win rate.

The aim requirement and smaller hitboxes is what makes Overwatch different and fun for me actually (versus the superior paladins). However, when the entire skill ceiling of the game is literally dependent on it… of course you’ll get everyone wanting to play DPS heroes. Which in turn is ruining comp balance in ranked.

Literally, the reason everyone is crying about “instalocks dps” and asking for role queue is because they make a match’s win-condition so dependent on dps. A tank/support literally cannot carry a match in the same level of efficiency than they can carry it playing a dps. It’s just a fact. The faster you can kill, the more likely you are to win the objective. What kills the fastest? DPS. Period. No counter argument, don’t even try.

So what was Blizzard’s response? Brig. Good intention… terrible execution. They made her so unbalanced, so OP with so much utility… that they ruined the introduction of a great “zoning support” hero and instead introduced a 0-aim, unkillable, CC-beast-DPS of a machine that just totally ruined any potential for this game to adopt more MOBA-like heroes. And SURPRISE, what do we get for the next new hero? Oh… ANOTHER DPS hitscan… instead of a fun, high-impact, maybe high-skill ceiling main tank…

It’s just bad design dude… literally… really bad rock-paper-scissors hero design decisions that are throwing a wrench into the balance of this game and causing people to get frustrated that nobody wants to fill, so they throw up their hands and walk away from it. How un-fun it is to be told: “no, you can’t play hero-X because the enemy is running hero-Y”. Instead, just pick DPS and hope you can out-kill the enemy despite, “with skill” instead of teamwork… such is the current state of Overwatch.


It seems that I play some other Overwatch which have problems, but most of the time the game brings incredible pleasure. And judging by many negative topics with screaming titles like this, many people play a terrible Overwatch-game where no balance has ever been and never will be, all the characters are broken, no fixes happen, the developers do not react to the players’ feedback and everything is always bad.

But “Trash”? Seriously? You guys overreacting.

Blizzard has nothing to do with this. Toxic community is destroying this games. Its people, not company behind the game.

Best state ? Is it your first season ? Do you really think that ? Why ?

Did you forget

Still no review of ranked match no spectate top.

The training mode is a joke.

The toxic player are not punished.

They can spam chat, vocal. and spam emote, you cant do anything about it.

The server are bad compare to others competitive games.

And i forget many things. You can do your own research, or play srlsy to the game.

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Yes I really think that.

I’ve been here since launch and have 500 hours on my most played.

They have to give more PBSR, if you ask me.

I’m all for even matches. They probably are right to try and force each match to give you a 50% chance to win. Close matches are more fun.

The problem is, when you’re playing really well… how can they balance that out? To make an even match they have to stick you with the worst player they can find, assuming you’re currently one of the hottest in that SR range.

It ends up feeling unfair, and results in what feels like a forced losing streak. Even if that’s not what they intend.

So, you and the horrible teammate both lose the same SR. Over and over again, and neither player really gets to their true rank fast enough.

Imo, giving more personal SR and not allowing random throwers and leavers to ruin YOUR rank will help people feel like they got the rank they deserve. If I played bad, I don’t mind losing SR because that’s on me. What I hate is losing SR for 6 games in a row full of leavers, throwers and people who don’t group up. I drop a But and suddenly get better teammates? Seems backwards.


You can’t trust pbsr. They are too incompetent to track stats