They're not implementing 3-2-1

All this discussion about who’s gonna do what when 3-2-1 happens


Jeff specifically said, in the post, that this wasn’t anything they were serious about. It was just a silly experiment they were going to try, just to see how it would turn out. That’s it.


That’s Blizzard talk for ya. Role queue was the same.


And role queue took 2 years to implement.


Hopefully everyone will calm down in a few days.

Although he did say this was just a side experiment he had started, he did ask for feedback.

My feedback? No, I refuse to solo tank again. It was horrible and if that is what the game is then I’ve no reason to play.

Also not crazy about half my fav heros being reworked.

He gave an example of RH having 400 hp and no damage reduction on his heal. He would be murdered 99.9% of the time with his size, no damage reduction, and I believe he also mentioned reworking his gun.


But it got here eventually.

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He said that the damage experience had positive feedback.

It’s clearly only tanks and supports that are going to feel the consequences.

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What else is new?

The major and primary reason queue times suck is that Blizz does not put effort into making the least desirable heroes, more desirable.

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The queue times are much better now with the latest patch.

Where? This part?

No, that couldn’t be it, he’s just talking about how they initially reacted to his idea… maybe this part?

No, that still doesn’t sound like he’s specifically saying they weren’t serious about it, that it definitely wasn’t going to happen, or that it was just a silly experiment…

Maybe this part?

No, still not fitting the narrative…

They sound legitimately conflicted about the topic and are taking it very seriously. Serious enough to devote two months of development time on it and to leave the (potentially) most detailed developer post to date on the forums.

All of the discussion about who’s gonna do what and what concerns people have are probably the most important thing that you could have on the forums right now.

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NO, this part.

This isn’t going to be something that happens without huge, sweeping changes across the roles and it’s certainly not going to happen anytime soon, if it happens at all. There’s all these people who are going around acting like this is going to be on the next PTR and that there won’t be any other changes except making this the new role lock. It’s hysteria.

Nah, Overwatch 2 is when it will happen and they are speaking in “maybe” terms for the part you highlighted… To not freak you out.

You’ve opted to highlight the parts that fit the “maybe not” part of “we’re unsure” and not the “maybe so” parts. Congratulations… That’s how you spin a narrative.

I’m not very impressed by it. Example:

And you’ve opted to highlight and talk about the parts that fit the “maybe so” and not the “maybe not”.

And the “maybe so” parts are driving people to forget about hte “maybe not” parts.

…lol wut? I did that to point out how absurd it was. That was intentional, to point out why what you did to his quote made almost no sense. I should have made that even more obvious, I guess… :laughing:

And… yeah, that’s kind of the point. A lot of people are letting their own wants (no 3-2-1 or yes 3-2-1) twist the wording of his post. Like they’re seeing it through either your or my bolded version of that paragraph and not for what it really said. Jeff pretty clearly is saying “We are uncertain, we don’t know if it’s right or wrong” and people are like “shut up stop talking about it you idiots it’s not happening” or “face it it’s happening deal with it” - not very helpful when they’re clearly asking for feedback, not for people to actively drive people away from giving it :unamused: