They're lying about the cost of old skins

They’re claiming that they’re lowering the price of old skins. They are in fact charging more.

Old legendary event skins were always 1000 credits.


Yea they used to be a 1000 credits. Everything cost way more then before.


Must be that inflation and supply chain issues I keep hearing about.


I’m just happy we are getting slowly closer to an ideal Overwatch monetization wise. They are putting credits in the battle pass. Now all they need to do is change those credits to coins lol


(look up Overwatch inflation for more information)


Event skins cost 3000 coins on release, the previous years would be cut to 1000


The price of those skins was raised to 1900 with OW2.
It is now being lowered to 1500.

Where is the lie?


That’s Biden’s inflation


They used to be 1000

If you really want to focus on wording, then not specifying 1900 to 1500 makes it a lie considering they used to be 1000

Also their monetization is awful and this developer post did nothing to address that for OW1 players. Utter trash.


Them saying they are lowering the price down to 1500 is not a lie. The price was raised and then lowered.

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Lie of omission is still a lie.

Again, they should have said

1900 → 1500

Not just lowered to 1500


I fail to see how those are different statements.

Edit: So them not specifying that the current price is 1900 makes it a lie? Even though that is clearly assumed knowledge going into the article?


By specifying 1900 as the starting price from before, then saying 1500 would make it lower.

Saying “we lowered it” with no frame of reference allows people to point to the 1000 price and say “no you didn’t”

It’s really just someone not thinking the wording of the sentence through when writing because there was more than 1 price in the past and they didn’t specify which. They just said they “lowered” it.

You can’t assume everything about your readers. Post the number changes.

I’m not convinced that logic follows, but either way, not a lie. The price is being lowered just like they said.

1000 is less than 1500 so it’s not lower. So according to the information presented on that article, readers are justified in saying it is a lie.

Again, they just had to write “lowered from 1900”

Idk why we should be upset at the consumers here.

1500 is less than 1900 so it is lower.

Who’s mad at the consumers? I’m just disproving a claim, that’s all.


1500 doesn’t sound insane if we get to buy all of them year round. Surely you’re going to get them faster anyway because you don’t have to wait around for a year?

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Should check the math again

It’s a good thing I got all the old skins already, I can skip all this crap x_x

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Editing my comment doesn’t make you right lol.