They're Increasing the "Avoid as Teammate" slots to 3


Sooooo this is a thing. If you didn’t see it before, it’s because it’s on the Competitive discussion page.

Love this, btw. Now we can avoid even more Toxic/Throwing/OT players. 'preciate it!


We need at least 20 slots!
There are way more idiots than three… :sweat_smile:


from 2 to 3…really? Now I feel like blizzard doesn’t honestly care.


What don’t they care about? They can’t really increase it more without it affecting matchmaking.


So, when can i start banning people that is a smerf? or just throwing?
there needs to be no limit on how many players i want to avoid.


Having no limits on how many you want to avoid will just not work out well.


Holy necro Batman


there’s to many smerfs in silver so i don’t see a problem in that.


Increasing the amount of avoid slots to 4 would have been even better.


So after 5 months we will achieve history with 4 slots?


One slot at a time. :grin:


if there’s no limit on the slots but keep the 7 days thing.


How many necros can this thread go through? Lol


Time to bookmark it and necro it every few months


I was about to reply saying ‘Uhh they did that ages ago’, then I realised this thread was necroed not once, but twice. :joy: (Nvm 3 times actually)