They gave actual numbers!

The forum community was prety nice to Brig considering she was the most powerful and easy hero ever. Oh man, when being on the objective against a Brig was bad positioning, even if you were a Reinhardt, such a silly time.

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I feel like part of the reason Bliz doesn’t post hard numbers is because they don’t want the numbers weaponized the way that they are in apps like Overbuff or Blitz, a tool for LoL that hooks into the API to mine for things like skill and item selection, winrates, etc., on specific heroes.

The Blitz app in particular feels like Blizzard’s worst-case scenario for OW: it would basically force meta slavery, with all those attendant problems, even more than we see right now. It would also warp the data so badly that Blizzard would never be able to make adjustments other than by complete fiat.

The tool is alright for LoL because the game has a rotating pool of heroes, which means the ‘meta’ changes even without any balance changes, and significantly more non-gameplay factors, by which I mean how you move and when you press buttons, than OW does. Such a tool in OW would be nothing but toxicity incarnate.

Except, as you point out, people use numbers regardless. The only difference is that with official numbers we wouldn’t have to debate accuracy.

We’re already having daily discussions on win rate, pick rate and rank distribution. We’re already having “forced” meta based on numbers. So hiding the numbers doesn’t really achieve anything, even though it might have made sense for them at the time.

The numbers do matter, but only when you take every number into account, you can’t cherrypick the ones that suit your argument and ignore the rest.

Except that it works both ways when the numbers aren’t ‘real;’ people can try to force metas based on weak numbers but ultimately their weakness means most players will ignore the math in favor of their comfort level with a given playstyle.

As an example, I do find it interesting that these posts the last couple days are the absolute first time I have seen anyone say McCree isn’t at least middle of the pack in terms of value for quite a while, yet his winrates on Overbuff suggests that he’s actually kind of bottom tier as a DPS.

Meanwhile Reaper, a hero I feel most people still think is valuable in the current meta, has one of the worst winrates. If the current tools are actually driving metaslavery, why hasn’t his pickrate dropped out, or McCree’s for that matter?

If, though, we had Blizzard’s hard data the situation would be significantly worse. People would flame out non-meta heroes, as defined solely by their winrate, and use the ‘official’ data to justify the toxicity, meanwhile forcing literal paint-by-numbers compositions and metas on the playerbase.

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overbuff, the website that still lists Sym as Support.

and “offense”/“defense” dps…like i said i was just curious…you guys interpret the numbers however you want

I think it’s kind of OP’s point; it’s a rare chance to see how our numbers compare to ‘reality.’ I think most people are aware that Overbuff is flawed but few people have a grasp on how good/bad the state of it is.


why even bother to bring up a dead website then? since everyone knows its wrong? or do people actually think it’s accurate? I’m confused now with yer statement.

I mean is it really dead if it was able to update for the switch release someone is still doing things with the site

But that does make it weirder that they haven’t fixed the other things like offense and defense and sym

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Prove it.

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as far as I know it’s design is to simply read the blizzard website api and put it in categories, honestly I don’t know. You would think turning on that is like flipping an on off switch.
Actually doing some coding to fix hero representation sounds like actual work, so it was never done.

It’s a mess but it is in fact one of the last performance trackers for Overwatch left, at least from what I can find, which means that when players or personalities try to justify their meta and balance ‘decisions’ based on ‘facts’ it’s still one of the go-to sources.

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??? Or did you mean to ask me what his number is when only asking about the gm damage class

This month he’s #9 for damage dealer winrate
This week he’s #12

off topic…why is that quoting me? josh said that…weird :stuck_out_tongue:

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Its a weird thing with the forums if you quote a quote it quotes the person who quoted the quote

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It’s not wrong data. It’s right data with the information that’s readily available to the public.

Also it was 6th and 7th of the month in damage hero’s, and is constantly fluctuating as they go on to admit in that post.

Even since 2 hours ago from when OP checked, Genji has gone from 9th in damage to 6th. Not exactly surprising with GM having as few players as it does that these numbers would change. All it takes is a few genji mains playing for a couple hours to drastically change it.

quote inception…

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I mean…

I’m a code boi myself and it’s just a bit frustrating seeing something in a state like that. I just want to get up in there and see what I can do lol. I probably wouldn’t know that language though ;.;

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