They buffed widow

The real widow buff is that it will be harder for other hitscans to take her out from range. Teams will become more reliant on dive or mirror matchups to handle a good widow.


I was gonna say, isn’t the widow buff redundant as it’s literally just putting her back to where she was after the global hitscan nerf?

it literally means she’s mostly around the same power level as before.
Plus the 80 meter falloff was already pretty rare to get outside of hookshot jumps

Where can I view these new changes

That implies the nerf was impactful to begin with. It impacted her on…one map?

If she gets out of line again, especially now that they are nerfing other hitscan, then lmao.

This balance team is comedic at this point. :clown_face:

You can find them here Overwatch Experimental Patch Notes – June 24, 2021

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Wrecking Ball is a projectile.

Not a projectile hero. A projectile.


Someone call chipsa.

In the dev-commend it was said what it is for: to remove grapple longrage shots on certain maps. (Ilios: Ruins, Junkertown, Busan: Temple) At least the widow duels on Ilios ruins no longer depend on mercy.

"We’re adjusting Widowmaker’s optimal range to be slightly further out to account for some map locations where counter-sniping [Widow Duels on Ilios: Ruins] was common but just barely outside of the effective range with the damage falloff. For Widowmaker, the sniping damage falloff is mainly in place to restrict the lethality of mid-air grapple shots at the extreme distances possible on some maps. "

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buff for the top percent (masters,gm, maybe even diamond), i dont think gold or even plat widows will even notice :laughing:

(thats me by the way :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

I’m on gold (almost plat) and I can tell you that you feel it tremendously on Junker town (with jumpshots) and especially on Ilios: ruins, as there are about 90 meters between the two temples. This means that an HS is the kill in the Widow duel as it should be. At the moment there are always 2shot kills (except with a Mercy).

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yea i dont think they should have nerfed falloff in the first place, unnessecary nerf imo. doesnt mean ill pick up widow personally, still do better with ashe

i may go back to widow if they ever revert the charge nerf


Ikr I’m actually so upset

While widow is a broken hero by design, she isn’t why DS became a thing. It happened because of sigmas release and you couldn’t counter it with anything else. You could’ve removed widow from the game and people would’ve ran double shield.

You just couldn’t beat 2400 hp worth of shields, one of which could instantly be placed and moved, fortify plus grasp, and halt and rock on top of sig and Orisa being able to shoot while doing most of these from range. And back when sig launched his ult was almost a guaranteed fight win

There was a reason rein Winston hog zarya dva all had non existent pick rates when double shield was a must pick

Ball didn’t need that. one doesn’t matter at all.

You may as well get rid of the damage falloff at this point on Widow. Will barely make a difference and she’s still balanced.

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Hammond 2021: anti air defense with quad cannon. HAMbelwind Flakpanzer reporting in


I’m so proud I knew what that was!!! :sob:

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I feel so greatful that someone understand the reference :rofl:

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Nothing like the impending widow and echo/pharmercy meta to put the lie to everyone being fine with crossplay on PC.