These tank diffs

Dude I swear to god tank is so RNG and why do I keep getting DF V DF matchups that are just extremely obnoxious to play with? Where one is clearly WAY better than the other one every time or Hog? Who plays Hog and why?


Well… their choices are your fault in Overwatch. So gg

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I keep losing to Hogs because my team won’t go Ana for some reason. Like that’s literally a win condition against him. But any tank I try to play gets rock paper scissored to oblivion.

I also kinda refuse to play Orisa unless it’s to prove a point against a mirror Orisa so my b I guess.

Nobody wants to play tank anymore because its absolutely aids, everyone rolls CC deep and bust their entire kit on the tank as soon as they try to do anything. Or you are playing into bastion, so now everyone that is left is either a doomplayer, a ball player or a hog player because playing standard tank is not fun, you have all the responsibility of leading the team but absolutely no accolades for success and only harsh words for failure.


Why are you such a negative individual?

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Yeah i feel like my games are currently about whos got the better doom too lol

Right lol. Doom players are just a nightmare to try and keep alive for the most part. Just being honest lol. And when its doom v doom and theyre both trying to one up each other its even worse.

Everything is random in my games, lol. Had an Ana with only 1k heals. Sure she was DPsing okay, but she was front lining. I was the other support. I had about 10k heals and 3k damage.

You want to know why?

Because tanking sucks right now. Genuinely 100% trash.

There are three options for “serious” tank play - Dva, Zarya, and Orisa. If you’re on Dva and they go Zarya, you have to either swap to mirror or Orisa. If they’re goin g Orisa, you have to mirror. You also have to play Orisa or Zarya if they have an Ana, or Orisa or Dva if they go Bastion.

Realistically if you want to play tank sweaty, you have to play Orisa, or be really good at Zarya and Dva (if the enemy team allows you to play either) Have you ever played Orisa? She’s not any more fun or enjoyable to play than she is to play against. It’s so absolutely dull. Clonk clonk clonk push a button and spam, clonk clonk push another button keep spamming clonk clonk clonk pretend javelin is a skill shot despite it having the same hit box as my FOV setting, clonk clonk, ugh

So, since the tank situation is so miserably unfun… Tank players are rebelling, in their own quiet way. They’re like “screw it, I want to play ball,” and they play ball, while the other guy’s like “Screw it, I want to play Junker Queen!” so she plays Junker Queen. And neither of them are doing much useful because of how the meta is forcing exactly one “viable” tank (and it isn’t ball or queen!) but they’re trying ot have fun.

I say let 'em.


^^^ You described the current situation so well for tank players.
At first I was doing the counter swap rock-paper-scissor thing,
but after hundreds of matches especially this season, I just decided to stop. I used to be low plat high gold on average… I find that its too much about counter-picking instead of raw skills of your best heroes.

So I’m going to practice doom, I deranked a bit (to low-mid gold), but at least I have some fun moments, especially when it’s a doom vs doom and a balanced team.

Fun fact I love having a LW on my team as doom, he can save me when I go too deep (like i mismanaged my cooldowns or I got countered).

Also lucio is actually a decent pick cause it makes the whole team more mobile and make everyone play more together.

A good mercy pocket and/or clutch resses can carry too…

Just some suggestions when you have a doom tank.

You can also play rein if you are good enough at shield management and hold corners but eventually they go orisa and bastion and you are dead/have to swap. Its the same with winston. I have like a 65% winrate with winston.
Sigma is also playable.
It just depends on what elo you play at and what map and how fast the enemy team swaps.

Yeah like yesterday i played against a ball on push as tank who had a sombra+tracer and moira and illari i think it was.
I could have gone orisa, i didn’t i wanted the guy to have fun so i went hog instead and basically ignored the ball for most of the game and killed the squishies.
I started out on winston though, played 4:21 seconds of winston and 5:39 on hog. They never went ana and the tank never went orisa. I told him i respect the no orisa, i did the same. He played doomfist and eventually hog aswell. He lost but atleast he had some fun he said. I told him i had that same feeling.

Orisa is literally the last tank i want to swap too, its soo boring to play and makes the game so stale. You just stand there denying the other tank and that’s basically it. Yeah you keep a spear for reaper/moira ult and deny those as well. And then you have won the fight cous you denied those ults.
Its not fun for anyone involved.
I will eventually have to go orisa if they go bastion+mei for example. Because otherwise i cannot survive at all.

Orisa is literally the support of tanks, you wanted to make a play/do something? Yeah nah you can’t, ill deny that thank you very much.

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“You can play X until they counter you” is kind of my point. The counters always come out and so you are ultimately forced into one of those three options, with one of hte three clearly being the best.

Myself, I Junker Queen. One of the few heroes where I have fun no matter the outcome of the match.