These buffs are just


They are just so perfect. Thank you Blizzard. <3 Perhaps they can finally not the bad. I hope this will really bring them up a notch. Well deserved buffs.


What buffs?

What did I miss? I had a weird dream where I peed last night, and I feel drunk.

Is this the twilight zone?


Absolutely approve of these brilliant buffs. Right on point.


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ok my 2 cents:

Bastion needs a golden tank cannon still.

Probably the smallest nerf I’ve ever seen. Doubt it will impact Dva’s performance.

Not the buff she needed. She needs her ult fixed.

About time.

Not a nerf at all, except at higher play where his alt fire was a problem. Overall not a big one, which is good because Zen balanced IMO.

About fking time!

That bug has been in the game since launch.

I dont see this as a bug. Maybe it’s good? IDK we’ll see.


Still reaper being able to cancel wraith and increases speed by 50% now instead… Really juciy buffs. :yum:


o I didn’t see those. But good for him. Now, time to continue my Bastion threads so he can be brought up to greatness.


Aye this tbh. Imagine if one day it says. “Reverted his Headshots and his spread nerf.” :heart_eyes:


I’m pretty pumped for these reaper and mei buffs.


And 35% IC on tank, since they wont remove IC and give him back his armor.


the best buff was the brig buff, she needed her gold weapon buffed.


Reaper’s buffs are a good start, but I’m not sure they’ll be enough. He still needs work on his teleport, and as someone in another thread pointed out, it’d be nice if his damage per pellet was increased but pellets per shot was decreased, so he could punch through armor more effectively.

Mostly indifferent on the Mei buff tho


These are some nice buffs😁

Let’s do this.


Well yes, but it is better with taking slow steps rather than Sledgehammer, this will help him with either escaping or hunting down his targets, which you know, he really needed help with. :smiley:


True :slight_smile: Ideally these will come out, and in the next PTR update or two after that we’ll see the rest


Aye, I am just so happy that some heroes that are so bad… Are finally being looked at. It makes me happy with blizzard, and this really shows that they look at player feedback, I mean look at the Avoid a Teammate feature… Tank bug gettig fixed… It’s just amazing :smiley:


Maybe Jeff will open the floodgates of PTR heaven and we’ll see Symm, Torb, and Ana up soon too :smiley: we can all dream


They day I see an Ana buff to either her mobility or some sort of health regen, Or bastions nerfs getting rerolled. Or more F tier heroes getting buffed I will toast to daddy Jeff himself.


The PTR file is 14GB rather than the usual 300mb-1GB… What else are they doing?


A lot of bug fixes… and perhaps putting in secret stuff that they have not activated yet ?