There is almost no reason to reconnect to a competative game after dc! Any ideas?

If the game was won, give the sr back to the DCed player. If the game was lost, give him the full punishment of 50 SR + banned time.


That makes sense. I don’t see how it could be exploited either since not dc’ing is always better.

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I don’t know about giving the full SR, but at least not losing SR or possibly earning only half as much makes sense. But at least it’s better than it used to be. I don’t know if it was a bug or what but when I played around season 10.

If you DCed you’d lose 50 sr, if you came back and lost the match you lost 50 sr + what the loss would cost you… meaning you got hit twice.


Really? Do you know if it got changed/fixed? Since I won, I can’t tell.

No idea I just knew it happened once to me where I lost 75 sr for a match and heard countless other people complain of the issue. But i haven’t really played much comp in hte last 4 or so seasons.

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The bug has never been fixed. So returning to a game is worthless.


No, because its giving the disconnecting players exactly what they want, to derank to lesser tiers and continue smurfing, if you refund SR then that strategy dies off.

haha, in that case we should fix it only for tanks and supports, so dps main can continue smurfing.

The rules are there is a 2-minute timer when a player leaves the game, if that player fails to return to the game, the game rules that player abandoned the match and no matter the result of the match, that player is marked with a loss, receive a fixed 50 SR deduction, and be issued a suspension from the competitive play game mode (starting at 10 minutes, increases with additional recent leaver violations on record). The rule serves multiple purposes:

  • Encourage players to return to the match as fast as possible.
  • Allow the teammates of that leaver the option to forfeit and leave the match themselves after the 2-minute mark without suspension.
  • Encourage those to correct bad leaver behaviors, and yes this includes disconnections.

Now every one will have a disconnection every now and then (I myself tend to average one disconnection every two-months), however there are users who blindly jump in without taking time to fix connection issues and that is just as bad as deliberately leaving games.

Competitive rules in many ways try to accommodate one-time issues so that they don’t impede a player’s progress too much, but it has to be firm to discourage bad leaver behavior and that is why you are penalized for failing to return to the match within 2 minutes.

Learn more about Blizzard’s policy here:

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But I came back within 30 seconds and still received a loss

Can you please describe your situation more? Did the match cancel right as you returned? If so, then you disconnected in the starting minute which the match will shutdown automatically for all players and this does result in a penalty to you.

I recently had a disconnection issue where I could return within two-minutes and confirmed the rules are working normally.

Match didn’t cancel, we just lost a team fight and won the game afterwards

Do you have a replay code?

Yes, code is GYQXQW.

I might have been gone just over 2 min. I got really confused upon trying to rejoin the game. I was in match chat (not inside the game), replying to teammates flaming me for leaving, explaining that I dc.ed and wanted to rejoin but couldn’t. The competative botton said I was suspended from competative play for 8 more minutes, which had my totally confused as well. I finally figured out I had to go back to the main menu to rejoin, which is not where you end up after dc-ing from a game.

Nah, there is no justifiable reason as to why the disconnected player should be punished for returning to the game and securing the win for their teammates

its already bad enough blizzard hasn’t implemented a competitive-fill queue. AND they still do not refund sr to players who get disconnected from games due to overwatch’s own server problems

the fact that blizzard still punishes disconnected players for returning to the game so that their teammates won’t lose is just embarrassing. shows how serious ow devs consider comp mode

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I didn’t want to point fingers, but I suspect my dc was caused by blizzard’s own servers, since other internet sites worked just fine moments after dc, long before I was able to connect again.

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that is likely. there have been many disconnects in my games within the past week

about 5 days ago there was a disconnect in 5 out of 6 games in a row. additionally, only certain players in games were experiencing very large but constant latency spikes mid game. my friend hit and stayed at 300 latency for many minutes

Now that you mention it. The two games before the one I played both had a leaver on the hero select screen. Both players came back after around 5-10 seconds, before the games had even started. The matches were cancelled because of that, which is rather silly, since everyone was there. Requeuing aside, it was irritating. I wish the matches would keep going if all players come back before match starts.

Myst you have to admit something is wrong with the direction of these last two patches.

(I got a lot on my plate but even I can tell.)