Theory about being trans

What do you think about the theory/rumor about being trans? If you don’t know, in the invasion gamemode, we got some new piceses of lore in the perspective of all heroes. In’s report, there’s text, I quote “There are unconfirmed reports that is (ENCRYPTED).” Rumors says, it means trans. I don’t understand why

I have not paid for the campaign mode, because I have more important things to spend my money on, but…seriously? I’m fine with trans people being in the game but…seriously?

sounds like tumbler fan fic

and im personly very against slapping trans onto a character the yhave already messed up the lore so much this would just feel pandering at this point.

now a new hero maybe as long as they dont have some lawsuit going on i would be fine with it


for me it’s a INTENTIONALLY troll theory because we know it would make people angry.

the trans introduction would be more accepted by a new character, considering that here we are not talking about a “relational identification” part but rather “gender identification”. I would also find it wrong if they used the trans stereotype on zarya and JQ

really? blizzard did this stupid encrypted thing on purpose to fuel fans theories, like this stupid thing, if someday the enrypted thing is revelaed would be something so stupid, irrelevant and obvious

Well, I think they got lawsuit from Egypt for making Pharah gay. Egypt is an anti-lgbt country and making their representation gay wasn’t the best idea, but players wanted it, so…

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The (ENCRYPTED) part could be a number of things. “A fraud,” “working with Talon,” “dead,” “not all that cool,” who knows? Also, who even said that it meant “trans” in the first place? Source? Or at least, someone else who’s been advocating for that?


Exactly it just feelsl ike tumbler fan fiction

I just wanna warn you. We know, Blizzard is capable of doing lot of bad things. We just have to wait for June, to find out if has a gun, or not.

that’s a really strange theory

  1. it could also mean literally anything else.
  2. in the “bright and optimistic future” of overwatch, why would we need to hide the fact that someone is trans?

To get us, fans hyped

For what pandering to a super small demographic on a super small demographic

I don’t think even these writers are bad enough to tease something like this in such a ridiculous manner. There’s no real logic behind “trans” being encrypted, nor is there a reason for whoever wrote that in-universe to be speculating on this in her agent file. If Winston or whoever tf wouldn’t feel comfortable walking up and asking her, they shouldn’t be putting it on a file.


Any backing as to why they think this? Regardless, it could mean anything. If she was working with Talon that’d be a twist.

I would prefer if one of her teamates was working for talon and using her to get intel that would be cool

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I bet D.Va is an Omnic in disguise. That’s why she can “connect” so well.

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If people found out that D.VA’s Lore was changed to current times. Then there will be heck to pay online and much like the shipping it’ll be burning for a long time.

wouldn’t make sense, she had surgery

I think its a pretty strange rumor, by the sound of it. The censored part could be anything.

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