The worst about the MMR discussion is the silence of the Dev Team

You know, no one shows up to say anything about, it is annoying and frustrating.


That’s because they already have replied on most if not all concerns, Overwatch Dev Post Archives & Overwatch 2 Facts & Beta Info - #3 by Kaedi-11739

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nothing in this thread related to competitive match making is newer than 2017.

has the comp game changed since 2017? has any of the underlying logic been updated to account for the issues a new mode like 222 might bring with it? say, matching MMRs across teams but not accounting for the locked roles?

perhaps this is the silence the OP is talking about?



I’m not sure they even read this forum anymore. In the rare event they do have some news or comments related to matchmaking or ranked play, it will usually be posted in General Discussion.

Exactly, no one shows up to clarify or explain, they let the community create random theories about MMR, that mostly disturb than help people.

I have read a lot of those incomplete articles that they wrote, none of them helps.


Well i posted like twice my question why was changed sr bonus in games with leavers, i even mention dev team in title to get attention, posted it in support section too. Nothing,no response.

Dev team should comunicate with us definitely more.


No, the worst is how inaccurate everyone’s “theories” are. The devs are busy laughing their butts off at the excuses people make up for losing.

I second this. When companies don’t explain, and when your latest reply is from 2017, people will start speculating, for good reason.

The only way to stop speculations, is offering transparency. My biggest beef with Overwatch is that.

I’d rather have a company state: “listen, we screwed up this and this part, and we’re going to address it”, then playing Mr. Nice Guy and stating nothing or pretending all is well. A company willing to admit their mistakes, or at least offering their own insights with plausible explanations about certain phenomenons, like losing streaks and huge SR drops, would get my utmost respect, even if they don’t give the answer I want to hear. Any answer is better than total silence.


So if you know that it is innacurate, possibly you know how the system truly works then, care to elucidate my mind about this matter?

You want me to elucidate your mind? I don’t think anyone can explain your mind.

Well, as i expected.

Protip: dictionary first, then post.

Duly noted, teacher.

Still the game has a long list of issues.

MMR is a handicap and it’s even worse since smurfing had definitely doubled if not tripled to avoid q times. It doesn’t prevent you from climbing but it makes it harder on purpose.

The leaver system that was finally fixed and actually felt fair that xion mentioned now it’s absolutely terrible again. Now I’d still have tweaked it more but it was better.

The report system isn’t properly monitored it was for a season where they actually banned people and now it’s back to being automated ignorance like before because overwatch 2.

Whenever rein gets banned we go straight back to double shield and since I dislike playing reaper, Mei, doom. I stop playing the game. Clearly establish who is a main tank and who is an off tank. Create a q for both and buff orisa/sigma placing them in the main tank category.

Rework bap. Immortality field. Double shield. Mei. Super annoying to play into.

I would go as far as phone authorization Everytime you go to play comp. Make it as difficult as possible to Smurf. Some people will do some ridiculous stuff but it will deter the majority especially on console where you can just keep making accounts.

Remove soldiers spread. Rng spread has no business in a fps. A predictable pattern would be better but definitely not rng spread. Soldier having to burst fire into smaller targets is simply ridiculous or fire 11 bullets stop.and continue.

Doom is super easy value he doesn’t need a rework but he’s definitely the easiest dive dps to get value out of where he can almost get free kills just by landing combos. I still don’t think he should exist in the game but it is what it is.

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Even more protip: Explain how the matchmaker works before telling people their “theories” are outright wrong.

I suspect it’s because the players would be furious if they found out how matches were made in this game.


What is it that you want to know? Maybe i have the answers :slight_smile:

Of course there is no legit explanation for games being just as hard or harder at multiple ranks.

I have read your posts in other topics, i just want to the devs confirms, deny or clarify things that the community bring up.

In all honesty, the developers aren’t obligated to answer your or anyone’s questions. Blizzard has never been the best at customer relations but that being said - Daddy Jeff has at least been replying to some stuff.