The ultimate guide Discourage leaving

Will you sentence me? ;C

I’ll bite

Blizzard was knocked out, several weeks back. They got DOS’d. They are no safer than ANYONE else on the world wide web. Someone always has a bigger fish in the ocean. Doesn’t matter if a person has a CRAY or a Laptop. Mass DOS attacks are from thousands of unsecure servers that were set up as a Targeted Time Event to go off at the same time.

Someone gets lazy and leaves a computer unlocked, someone thinks they need Wifi in their business for convenience, and next thing you know. 10,000 servers in an unmanaged Farm are all RAT’d and now flooding a network.

Attackers are plenty aware of how big their attack has to be in order to shut DOWN a network and render services inaccessible. Which is just why a person has to go in with the attitude of “It can always happen to me” vs the poor attitude of “it can never happen to me”. Which is what gets folks into trouble. Doesn’t matter if it is a U.S. server or a server farm sitting in Africa or Russia. It is connected to the web. It is always an impending threat, which network technicians have to deal with.

Until current network protocols change across the globe and new ways to handle traffic are created. DOS will be a thing. Which will probably take some engineering 20 more years to figure out :stuck_out_tongue: .

Most of the time now. A person with a server has to pay for a mitigation service and when flooding a network happens it can create havoc on a network for HOURS on end. Until they can move the traffic over to a mitigation server farm.

Anyone can scan a network for specific traffic destination types and most companies don’t bother protecting Video Game traffic. since it is recreational. So unless it is a matter of financial transactions. Most ISPs could care less about protecting some gamer from getting a Disconnection account ban.

The way I see it. Bans for Dc’ing over a petty thing such as a VIDEO GAME. Is not going to solve anything.

Sure, video game leavers aren’t always fun. But I would rather have the player leave the match vs them going out of their way to sabotage it Or exploit those harsh penalties. Because That it incentivizes DOS attacks.

Can’t have yer cake and eat it it too! yah know! :face_with_monocle:

Tell me something, how would you all feel about an active “low priority queue” similar to what League of Legends uses. In that system, if a player has been leaving games, they are forced to wait in queue for a set amount of time before the matchmaker begins to actively consider them for finding a match.


Or, better yet, address WHY people leave and fix that. Would be much easier to get Blizzard to make a couple of gameplay/matchmaking fixes than try to enforce that without losing players.

How much research has been placed into WHY people leave?
Does Blizzard have ANY responsibility to improve their game?

Here is a wide list of considerations:

  • Disconnected from the internet
  • Game crashed
  • Power outage
  • “Timmy! It’s time for dinner!”
  • You have been invited to a group! Press Y to accept.
  • Rage quits
  • Leaving to get away from a toxic player (not to be confused with Rage Quitting)
  • Queue Dodging other players
  • Queue Dodging maps

With maybe the exception of Queue Dodging and Rage Quitting, all of these reasons are legitimate reasons why players leave games (and happen more often than you think).

All developers, including Blizzard, do work to balance the impact of leavers in their games, but it has to be in consideration of the factors I just listed. If you make the penalties too strict, then it will discourage players from even playing the game at all. If you want to get a better understanding of what Blizzard’s philosophy is when it comes to handling leavers, then I would encourage you to look into my dev post archives.

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Obviously not talking about life, you have no control over that. You didn’t actually mention WHY, as in WHY are there rage quits? Dodging maps, etc.?

Could it be bad matching? Try to play MH sometime and tell me that isn’t broken. Today, I have won two of eighteen games. Two. Statistically that shouldn’t be possible.

How about Blizz look in the mirror and ask themselves what responsibilities THEY have for people quitting? If they say zero, they are lying to everyone, including themselves.

Man, just tonight, I had my Zarya ultimate ready and I see Pharah has her ultimate ready and the player is going towards payload with Mercy and I was just expecting to get close to it so that I can ult - the player left.

I am quite sure he/she didn’t leave on purpose but rather that something got them out of the game. Phara came back but no ultimate anymore.

Some day earlier, for absolutely no reason game instantly closed and I was looking at my desktop. No error or anything. Just “boop” - desktop.

I mean, I am all up for discouraging players to leave the game but this is not something that players do intentionally.

Matchmaking simply is comparing the hidden MMR of each player in a queuing pool and forming two teams that are as statistically close to each other as possible. There are other factors like regional matchmaking to connect to the best possible datacenter and how many are in a group but in the end, matchmaking is about numbers. Granted the variance between player’s SR and the two team averages can vary (and do so more in casual modes), but when it comes to the numbers, most matches are more than likely fair. Blizzard could make things “more strict” to how they form teams together, but the drawback to that is dramatically increased queue times.

One other thing, I have had very large loss streaks myself and I can say they are possible not only from the statistics of the matchmaker, but influenced by emotion. I once had a 30+ game losing streak in season 3 of Competitive Play, and I had to earn my SR back across 200 games in season 4, but I did it because I worked to control my emotions and focused on how I played the game.

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None comp suggestions…

15m ban for leaving 3 game+ is excessive as hell for a casual mode.

In an ideal world your idea isn’t bad but the world isn’t ideal.

An example…

Game 1: Paris … it’s a bad map and it’s not in comp… I don’t want to play it.
Game 2: I play cool
Game 3: I’m in a group memeing while the other team is trying hard… a terrible experience. I’ll take 5 min ban overplaying this.
Games 4 and 5: Good games…
Game 6: I have 2 people throwing in my game…

Now I have a choice … stay in a pointless game or leave and get banned. I’m essentially getting punished for people trolling in my game.

Another side of it is you WILL get more trolly players if they have no choice but to play certain maps. If a player can’t rage quit when they get annoyed they, them staying ain’t gonna make the game better it make games worse.

Either way in casual mode on in a team-based shooter where your experience can be ruined by a single player. Forcing someone to play a game isn’t good simple as.

On top of this being able to select certian map/mode in QP should be added before any of what you suggested.

Comp suggestion.

Good except people can use it to mitigate SR losses and boost.

On a mild side note with leavers ruining games. Make a 6 stack then the only leavers you’ll get will be on the enemy team.

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Here’s the problem. I always have a large losing streak in MH. I average 23% win ratio.
Check my profile. I have won three games in a row ONE TIME. EVER.

Golden, thanks Wyoming

On large enough scale, everything is possible. It’s highly improbable, but probability isn’t 0.

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Of course, but not for extended periods of time.

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After playing MMO games, you stop being surprised, when event with 90% chance to succeed can fail up to 10 times in a row.

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Honestly they should just add 5 minutes of queue time for each time you leave until you complete a full match for DPS, 10 minutes for Support and 15 minutes for a Tank. Up to a maximum of 30 minutes.

It’s nothing terrible but it’ll make you think twice because it doesn’t go away until you suffer through the extra time.

And that’s why we have extra accounts.

Or, better yet, fix the REASON why people leave (other than TIMMY SUPPER!)

Mismatching in this game is horrendous and you often are matched with groups far outside your skill level.

You are asking for impossible.

Main reason people leave is low morale. And we mostly removed or weakened abilities, that allowed to recover, which improves morale.

The ABC on how to make even more players quit the game because HLC/Paris/2CP defense and massive amounts of backfills to these maps are a thing in the game. If you’ve read into game development at all, you’d know that most of these suggested ideas would be not effective or meh at best

Here’s how you actually discourage leaving:

  1. Remove HLC/Paris from the mappools of QP/QPC
  2. Give players a chance to queue without DDA so they won’t leave when they see a +2k SR lower player in their team, which they will most likely do
  3. Enforce player behavior harder so that if they get multiple reports for trolling/gameplay sabotagish behavior, they’ll get the losers’ queue and are discouraged from not playing the game properly for a win. Because besides of the 2 former reasons, this is the 3rd biggest reason why players leave matches, but it’s way more problematic because after witnessing someone absolutely troll the heck out of the match they’re forced to leave during the match which is much more damaging for the game than leaving during the assembly phase or even before the map loads in
  4. Give players more avoid slots so they’re not put into games with players who are toxicity for their gameplay, which will most likely make them leave
  5. Make phone verification a necessity for the free2play events, so players don’t hop onto their alts to play the game which then forces other high MMR’d players to hop on their alts to get playable games which then snowballs the issue where not you can’t play a single game without an alt account which automatically means that the matchmaking has a high chance of failing

And that’s about it. The map, the playability (whether there’s a realistic and probable chance of winning the game or not), the toxicity and the trolls are why players actively leave matches. It’s not spite, it’s not character, it’s nothing of the sort that makes them leave. We all queue to play the game and would love to have an even match with positive teammates that play the game properly. As long as this is how the gameplay experience goes, the chances of having a leaver without an IRL reason is almost non-existent

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