The Tank-based Dive Meta: It's getting stale

Look, my problem with the Dive meta isn’t playing against it, its playing it which is getting real stale. In Season 4, old Roadhog’s problem wasn’t his shotgun damage, tbh, its his hook, which has gotten alot of work done on it so it would stop going through walls. Season 4 Hog would be perfect with the current meta because he was a good bodyguard and his hook would’ve been better off if it was given a longer cooldown.

Then I look at “Slambulance”, which involves four tanks plus Lucio and Moira. I’m surprised this isn’t blowing up as big as it should be because its a good alternative to dive. Its a deathball. However, this pretty much gives a previous season’s problem: picking DPS is pointless regardless.

I wonder when will we have a meta-game where we can have actual substantial difference in lineups now? Like, its getting old to see basically the same heroes over and over again. Play differently, and the structure comes crashing on you (obviously kinda against your favor).

Maybe it would be less boring if they made 2 more tanks. 2 more mobile tanks like Dva and Winston. But not them…so you have variety.

Anchor tanks…you have 2 Rein and Orisa
Off-Tank you have 3 … 1 mobile…2 other (Zarya and RH).

They just need more tank options in general.

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More mobile tanks would be a bad idea with the way the game currently plays, just imagine a quad tank dive comp.


It’s so boring, I don’t like playing Winston and Dva, but sometimes I have to. Orisa is fun on some maps, but I really wish Zarya wasn’t such a niche pick these days because I really used to love playing her. The current Genji/Tracer Dva/Winston dive meta is so boring I’m so ready for a new hero to maybe shake things up. I hope. Maybe Sombras buffs will help too

The players like DVa and Moira get massive amounts of playtime because they are DPS cloaked in other roles.

If you look at DVas Overbuff stats compared to other tanks its laughable. I dont like playing Dva, Junk, Moira much, but you are forced to do it because they are out of balance with no changes in sight.

Blizzard was always bad with balance, and OW patching cycle only confirms that. Untill they start changing ALL heroes at once wih small changes, there will be no improvement. Mb meta will change, but it would be just another static meta to replace old one.
But since it took them 6 months and 2 seasons to nerf Mercy(and Tracer with leading pickrates as dps in every tournament and meta since game launch still untouched), there is no hope of improvement.

With “Slambulance”, its getting there.