The server closed due to an unexpected error

This keeps happening to me every time I play this game lol. And seems like most of my friends have experienced the same thing.

Everyone in the game would be stopped and bring everyone back to the lobby. The SR would stay the same but it is just extremely annoying because sometimes when you are dominating the game and this suddenly happens. It sucks because it truly wastes my time and my joy.

It happens A LOT recently, and in fact, this problem has lasted from last season.

Blizzard fix your game please!!! Thank you!


For me it seems to only happen when be it win or lose it feels like there’s a clear winner and
-I’ve wondered if it’s new hack ya know :man_shrugging:t2:.

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I’ve noticed this pattern as well. If my team is getting stomped all of the first round suddenly the connection is lost and game ends mid round. If we’re destroying the enemy hard the game suddenly decides to end it. I’m on console so I’m not sure if you can do a lot hacks on there but I’ve noticed the pattern as well.

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I wonder if the server, in a way, just can’t keep up with all the awesomeness (one way or the other).

I dunno but sometimes it seems highly suspicious. I mean if we’re getting hard stomped theeeennn I don’t mind someone ending it for us :rofl:

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