The Samoan Flag(s)

I wrote to Blizzard a year ago asking if we will ever have a Polynesian character and look at that! Thanks for the love, you guys! :heart_hands:

My request: Please show two flags for the Samoa maps, being :samoa: and :american_samoa:

The reason I ask this is to honour the historical reality and true meaning of “Samoa.”

For thousands of years before outside contact, “Samoa” (literally “Sacred Centre”) was an archipelago of 16 islands, known as the Cradle of Polynesia. Only after occupation and the onset of the World Wars did political affiliation divide the Navigator Islands into two entities. Of course this did very little to actually separate “Eastern” and “Western” Samoa in custom, heritage, or name.

I could go on and on and honestly this could all be moot, if the intention was indeed to represent the nation today known as Samoa. Maybe even create a whole other map with Samoan motifs and assign it to American Samoa? But I thought it would be cool to see a map where two flags are represented for one people.

Anyways I 'm glad to have Mauga and I’m so happy to see the Samoan beauty represented in such a beautiful and challenging map! Thank you so much, Blizzard!

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So cool! I love it!

I was born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii, and I have met some Samoan people. Very cool people. Strong people! When Mauga from Samoa was introduced with 2 miniguns as his main weapons, it felt like Fate. :green_heart: :desert_island: :national_park: :ocean: