The Raynhardt skin

That’s so genuinely true it hurts lol


your opinion


Bringing overwatch to macOS and the suggestion of open Q are two great examples. I suggested both of these things and both were met with heavy opposition simply because people don’t like that other people might get something that they enjoy.

In the case of requesting features that are not yet available, there is always going to be a debate on these forums and in other community channels on the pros and cons of such a feature. What I am more or less getting at is that when Blizzard does something that is good for the game as a whole, there are going to be some people who want to complain about it. Some of those complains might be rational(free weekends, game sale discounts), but some are completely irrational, mostly due to some self-sense of pride of having something others didn’t before.

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Tyrande is everything but sweet. She is throwing tantrums since Legion.
But as skins in Ow? I like both of them.

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I haven’t played Legion, only WOTLK, but she was insufferable then and sounds even more insufferable now.

Half of the Burning Crusade problems are because of her, anyway!

Well, that is what you get when you mess with her husband.


“Tyrande, my love, where are youuuuuu?” -_-
OMG, I hated that quest line so much. And she was treating me like a trash, despite needing my help xD

well, she was annoying back than, but now she is full cringe, cause they gave her “raging Karen” mode for the whole 3 expansions.

Her husband sucks too, let’s not kid ourselves.

Most of the Night Elves suck people just don’t look past the purple hippie vibes.

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wonder if the sombra one will come back too? that was the demon hunter one right? might actually purchase it this time

I would not count on it. I think after the whole fiasco with Demon Hunter Sombra, I think any limited-time skin related to BlizzCon or other similar promotions is a one-time deal from here on out.

That being said, I say this with current knowledge of how Blizzard currently works. Such policies may change when Microsoft takes over in 2023.

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thats no problem. i never have a problem with skins that i missed. wouldnt mind that raynor rein skin too

MAYBE tho… if there ever was a lifeguard mercy skin and i missed it then i think i would be really upset. gonna make sure i dont miss that

Well once again, if you want it, get it before February 20th, it will be gone after that date.

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Normally, I rly love skins and everything we get. But I rly dislike Tyrande (as the character she is… she is kinda stupid, stubborn and childish for a … 10120 or whatever year old leader). And the skin looks off on Sym.

And on topic, I don’t think the Raynhardt skin will be free. It surprised me it returned at all.

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i probably will lol

20 char… maybe i’d probably get a bottle of whiskey instead. be juggling with what to buy in my head

you heard it here first! ;D

Plain and simple, all Blizzcon skins are exclusive to blizzcon only. Sombra was an exception because in the fine print it said it would be put in the game for a limited time for everyone to obtain…which it was when it was added to the halloween event for week 3

The only BlizzCon Skin that ever returned was announced to do so from the very beginning.

And considering the backlash from people who didn’t read the fine print before buying it and the people who didn’t spend 40 bucks that year because they did read it I heavily doubt that they will ever do it again.

Blizzard found a way to charge people 40 bucks for an exclusive skin and they would be pretty stupid to undermine this lucrative business model :woman_shrugging:

Its not 40 bucks for a skin, its 40 bucks to be at blizzcon, the skins and other goodies are just things your get when you purchase for the blizzcon ticket.

And that’s why it did cost the same last year even though there was no BlizzCon :joy:

The majority of people is buying it for the goodies (and many of them specifically for the Overwatch Skin or the WoW mount) and Blizzard is perfectly aware of this.