The range on brig's stun is still crazy OP


If she always feel cheap to play against no matter the hero you’re using, you might not be very good using her counters…


The only thing you should be playing within 6m of a Brig is a tank. And most tanks have an easy time both soaking up her damage and tearing her apart. If you are playing anything else in her range you deserve to be punished.


i am not a big fan of her stun aswell, and the fact that she can stop rein charge with it, just seem like BS to me, overwatch is already close to being delete on my pc, only reason why its not is i wanna try the hamsterball, not that her stun is the only reason why i dislike overwatch so much right now there are many other things that blizzard do that piss me off that i wont go into here.


Oh I love when people complain about Junkrat’s damage output when Pharah is exactly the same but with more range and has an unstoppable combo that needs to be removed from the game.


It’s exactly the range of tracer blink. Given that brig is tracers hard counter, a nerf to brig bash range would neuter the character.


Well, its not going to change, Here are some of the developer comments on her state.

As you can see, they are aware of how powerful it is but want it to stay that way. You may think it is OP but the developers want it to be powerful and make her difficult to take down. As far as they are concerned, the range will remain the same with a cooldown increase of one second to give her more counter-play.

On another note, it also feels cheap to play against Widow, Hanzo, Mercy, Junkrat, Genji, Sombra, and many more. Regardless of skill level involved, you can be the most skilled player in the planet. That doesnt entitle you to complete immunity/invulnerability/untouchable status. In fact the highest skill players do not have much trouble with her. You simply have to respect her space.


At least they worked for the kill.
Sneaky scatter was annoying, but if u were fighting a Hanzo u could’ve always played around it by jumping.


Except when 99% of the cast try to do that, and Hanzo’s get used to baiting a jump and shooting scatter where you will land because you have much worse movement control in the air.

I swear people get nostalgic for the worst things about this game. However this isn’t a thread about Mass Rez.


I didn’t know phramercy was unstoppable maybe on console but even than phraha not a must pick


Can’t McCree’s flashbang do the same thing?


It is still in the game. It is one of the most powerful combos in the game and you cannot take her and Mercy down with a hitscan like McCree and Soldier. Widow can do it, but you need consistent headshots, which is not that easy at all.


Nah, I’m bronze on xbox and it’s not really an issue, you rarely see it. (At least in the matches I’ve played.)


McCree’s stun reaches a meter further than Brigitte’s, has a bigger hitbox than Brigitte’s(reaches two meters in every direction from the point of impact), can stun multiple characters at once, can be aimed in any direction rather than just horizontally, and doesn’t force him to commit to forward movement. McCree can also follow this up with a barrel stuffed fan the hammer, which takes about the same amount of skill as Brigitte’s combo, for nearly double the damage of Brigitte’s combo.

By your own logic in your title and your post, McCree’s stun is even more overpowered than Brigitte’s, but I don’t see you complaining about that. :slight_smile:


All your doing is complaining on this thread about other peoples opinions. <3


That and for people to friggin’ group up for once in their life’s rather than trying to take on the world bloody solo. I love that Brigitte exists to punish that bloody nonsense.


I’d rather be stunned by Brigitte back from the 5s cooldown than get bloody punched into a wall from cross map by DF or get storm arrowed in the face by Hanzo.


I couldn’t agree more.


at least that requires skill or a good aimbot


Getting killed instantly by a skill shot is way less frustrating than getting killed instantly by a right click in your general direction.


Tell me exactly why your comment was necessary. The OP was complaining as well, but it was about Brigitte. Just because someone states an opinion, doesn’t mean it also isn’t a complaint.

So yes, what I said was also opinionated. I think PharMercy is broken and needs to be removed or at least toned down a bit.

But what do I know? I guess according to you I cannot state an opinion or a complaint. I asked a serious question and got an answer. This person then talked about Pharah and I have stated a complete fact when people complain about Junkrat’s damage, they never bring up Pharah at all.

Please, don’t make yourself look like a good guy by picking out someone that made has stated a fact/opinion/complaint in a forum that is literally all 3 of those.