The Problem with nerfing Tracer and Buffing her counters


Totally wrong. Dive tanks have enough viable counters it’s the likes of tracer that gets away with everything and even rek those counters for them

Dude a looooot of pros are saying she is op which proves my point all together. The higher you go the more op she is “point”.
Also she does not see avarage usage in gm? like wtf? There was a official statistic of Blizz that came out shortly and she was the most used hero if i remember correctly…definitly in the top 3. Also of course her winrate isn’t 100% in highest tiers beeeecause she is in most matches against the exact same comps and other Tracers.


Then don’t buff her counters just nerf her

EDIT: ok need reasoning and a idea for a nerf. How about how a true rewind works? If she rewinds back to a point where she had 50 hp. She should be at 50hp not the highest during the rewind. Same goes for her guns.

There, now you can’t just dive in Willy nilly after grabbing a hp pack.


Tracer only good bcos of winston/dva beign must picks on most of the maps.
On maps winston/dva is not must picks tracer isn’t played aswell.
Nerf winston/ synergy(not heroes themselves) should solve the problem, but honestly i have no idea how to do it.


You don’t know what you are talking about.

Dive tanks have counters but Winston erases Dva counters and Dva erases Winston counters.

Even if Tracer has no counter it doesn’t change the fact that when coupled Dva and Winston have no counters too.


Truly a puzzle :thinking:

Clearly that line of reasoning can only be applied to supports!

As for Tracer, nerf her damage people here will complain about mobility. Nerf mobility, people here will complain about damage.

Lot of people complaining are from ranks her stats are trash in and where mechanical aim is lacking. Lot of the people saying she’s easy or has a forgiving kit typically have something like 4 hours of her in QP with a 1.5kdr and understandably don’t even try playing her in comp.

Ah forum never change. 125 hp Tracer and 150 hp Genji :rofl: Support main, I take it?


tracer litterly was destroying my team in plat, and i was heavily trying to counter her but its impossible shes so fast and she can’t be hit cause she goes behind her team then comes back and destroys us again , she does need a nerf


Yeah its kind of hard to counter her. As zen i can kill her in a duell the most consitent way to deal with her is a own tracer with a heal orb on her.


Some people don’t seem to understand that Tracer is also super opressive in plat because skill is relative and power isn’t.


Most DPS such at low/mid tier it’s why they’re there for. An insane Tracer won’t be stuck in gold you know.
The solutions are easy:

  1. Nerf her damage by 20 percent
  2. Increase blink cooldown
  3. Recall double in cooldown/restores half health


I’m in favor of nerfing her damage but 20% seems like a lot, lets not promote destroying the character, this is about balance, what she needs is a slight nerf, not a nerf hammer to the face.


The easiest way to nerf her is to make her HP 140 and make McCree a true counter to her.


This is false.

Data doesn’t say anything, data is interpreted and a lof of the statistics we have dont say a lot of important things.





OP not sure if you have played Brigitte on PTR or QP recently, and soon to be released in Comp. She is a hard counter to DPS mobility heroes such as Tracer. A a Tracer main, Brigitte has been a tougher opponent for me than McCree, Sombra or Hog to deal with recently. I advise anyone who is facing a troublesome enemy Tracer to either switch to Brigitte or ask one of their supports to do so. This is a game about counterplay and adapting to any given situation.


The problem is exactly as OP states. Any hero that is meant to counter mobile heroes will counter immobile heroes harder.

The solution is to add abilities that specifically counter mobility abilities. (Think Sym turret disables blink etc.)


Just play around Brigitte and don’t come near to her. The biggest strength of Tracer is that she can pick her battles more than anyone else.


125 OMEGALUL 20 char


Well I don’t know about PC but yes on ps4 this is very much the case. She is hella hard to hit w a joystick


My idea is that decrease her damage by 10% then give her 10 extra ammo per clip. It would give people more time to react to her and stop her from outputting so much damage while she zips around.


But we also CAN’T leave her in the state of bullying tanks and supports even if that effects the other heroes. Otherwise removing her from the game would be the best solution since if we think nerfing her effects her or giving her a hard counter effects other heroes in the game. So why not try deleting her from the game instead, xd