The Overwatch Empowerment Cup: A community pursuit of equity, inclusion, and competitiveness

This tournament banned a player for banter on discord (not even to their opponent) and then put in place a no banter rule.


Ew. Stop singling people out for extra praise/attention based on things they can’t control. I don’t want to be singled out for being a girl, I just want to play the game without being harassed FOR BEING A GIRL.


Er… Did the margins in this thread just break for anyone else? My (thread) scroll bar is now all the way on the right side of my screen. o_O


So people here complain about a tournament for women only … Yet OWL is fine although there are only men?

No wonder people make fun of gamers.

Some are still living in their basement, I guess.


Because not many women play competitively or they’re just not at that skill level. There’s no rule banning women.


“We are happy to announce that this godforsaken cup is finally over, it goes directly against our core moral pillars of hate and misogyny”


This isn’t organized by Blizzard


Not marginalized enough.

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There is a rule banning women from OWL?


Nothing says inclusion like segregation.


Thread made by a bot because an actual employee wouldn’t have the backbone.


These sorts of tournaments always bring out the worst in gamers…

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Explain how the forums are “grossly racist and misogynistic.”


Honestly, that is obvious.

This is a 360 degree turn from a possibly dead grandpa if it was.

You shouldn’t need a special tournament for oppressed groups if your game isn’t also participating in oppressing said groups (which they are indirectly by not doing anything about the frequent verbal/chat abuse given to females/minorities).


Honestly it’s sad really.

Despite the good intentions.

You know Blizzard is gonna support those who are gonna target these women in the future.

Because history repeats.

And there are so many immature idiots here.

But that’s what get with OW History.

Like having the OWL early and more.

I dunno, all the girls I’ve met playing OW seem head strong and perfectly capable of sticking up for themselves… not sure they’d like being treated as if they can’t stand on their own two feet.

As for being teased “for being a girl”, it’s been the same, at least with the girls I play with. They see a “get back in the kitchen” and hit the person with a “small pp energy” (just last night actually haha) and then muted him… no biggie.

I mean many guys who never participate in this rhetoric get lumped in with the “toxic” men that supposedly make everything worse and that isn’t fair either so it goes both ways right?

EDIT: cause I’m a grammar yahtzee


Wow they really messed that up, huh?

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You know, now looking deeper into this…

Kinda offended the prize pool is $3000 that will be split between the winners of the competition…

Seen much bigger prize pools at WAR THUNDER tourneys.

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That’s literally my point. There shouldn’t be a need for a “Girls only cup” if people weren’t absolutely awful to each other or Blizzard actually muted toxic rears.

You sound like one of those “NiCe GuYs” lmao.