The official ages of the heroes & OW Lore!

Today they officially defined the ages of the game’s heroes. apparently all the original 32 heroes have a difference of only 2 years compared to ow1 generation. There are also the exact dates of birth:

  • Sigma: 62 :fast_forward: 64, Mar 15 :pisces:
  • Reinhardt: 61 :fast_forward: 63, Jun 26 :cancer:
  • Ana: 60 :fast_forward: 62, Jan 1 :capricorn:
  • Reaper: 58 (confirmed with archives Retribution event) :fast_forward: 60, Dec 14 :sagittarius:
  • Moira: 48 :fast_forward: 50, Apr 4 :aries:
  • Roadhog: 48 :fast_forward: 50, Sep 12 :virgo:
  • Doomfist: 45 :fast_forward: 47, May 25 :gemini:
  • Mei 31+9 (it has always been canon that her nine years of cryostasis are additional to her biological age) :fast_forward: 33+9, Sep 5 :virgo:
  • Ashe: 39 :fast_forward: 41, Oct 1 :libra:
  • Hanzo: 38 :fast_forward: 40, Nov 3 :scorpius:
  • Mercy: 37 :fast_forward: 39, May 13 :taurus:
  • Cassidy: 37 :fast_forward: 39, Jul 31 :leo:
  • Baptiste: 36 :fast_forward: 38, Mar 12 :pisces:
  • Genji: 35 :fast_forward: 37, Oct 28 :scorpius:
  • Widowmaker: 33 :fast_forward: 35, Nov 19 :scorpius:
  • Pharah: 32 :fast_forward: 34, Apr 15 :aries:
  • Bastion: 30 :fast_forward: 32, NO-DATA
  • Sombra: 30 :fast_forward: 32, Dec 31 :capricorn:
  • Winston: 29 :fast_forward: 31, Jun 6 :gemini:
  • Symmetra: 28 :fast_forward: 30, Oct 2 :libra:
  • Zarya: 28 :fast_forward: 30, Dec 4 :sagittarius:
  • Tracer: 26 :fast_forward: 28, Feb 17 :aquarius:
  • Lucio: 26 :fast_forward: 28, Mar 20 :pisces:
  • Brigitte: 23 :fast_forward: 25, Sep 22 :virgo:
  • D.VA: 19 :fast_forward: 21, Jun 22 :cancer:
  • Wrecking Ball: 14 :fast_forward: 16, Oct 15 :libra:
  • Orisa: 1 month (born during the events of Hero of Numbani Novel) :fast_forward: 1 Year, May 9 :taurus:

Unfortunately it seems that the Torbjorn and Junkrat web pages have bugs, and are not reachable, for now. While we wait we notice other new things. Some old characters had rough calculations of their birth dates (or none at all), but here’s finally the official confirmation:

  • Soldier-76: 58, Jan 27 :aquarius:
  • Zenyatta: 14 :fast_forward: 33 (Genesis series and the London Calling comic confirmed that the “sentient Omnics” are all those who experienced Aurora’s awakening), Jul 14 :cancer:
  • Echo: 14, Feb 5 :aquarius:

NEW hero has new birth dates:

  • Sojourn: 47, Jan 12 :capricorn:
  • Junker Queen: 31, Jun 14 :gemini:
  • Lifeweaver: 31, Apr 28 :taurus:
  • Ramattra: 28, Mar 29 :gemini:
  • Kiriko: 21, Jul 7 :cancer:
  • Illari: 18, Dec 21 :sagittarius:

Unfortunately we see a definitive confirmation on the stylistic inconsistency of Kiriko Origins, with an age difference with Genji of 16 years! (or anyway, kudos to the Shimada brothers for looking like teenagers while training with Kiriko :rofl:). but we can deduce a new date on the Shiamada lore: Sojiro Shimada’s death occurred when Kiriko was 7 years old (confirmed here), indicating that the Shimada brothers were 23 and 26 years old at the time.

With the OW2 PVe codex, we have confirmation of new lore dates, and many of these slightly change the original information:

  • [28 years ago]: Anubis starts the Omnic Crisis (quite coincident with old lore info that indicated the crisis began about 30 years earlier)

  • [26 years ago]: Aurora’s Awakening ends the Omnic Crisis;

  • [10 years ago]: The invasion of Sector Zero in London occurs (a difference of 3 years from the original “7 years before” archives Uprising event);

  • [7 years ago]: Overwatch is disbanded (age change coinciding with that of the heroes’ ages, making the archives Storm Rising event still plausible);

  • [FEW years ago]: Mondatta’s death. (Considering the two-year age gap on all Overwatch heroes, it is plausible that this event has now occurred as the "beginning of OW1 lore, 2 yeas ago);

we can therefore consider that Winston’s Recall took place about TWO years ago compared to the invasion of Sector Zero in Paris, however unlikely this long waiting time seems :face_in_clouds:.


Thanks to the London Calling Comics, Mondattas Death and Winstons Recall are one day or even just some hours apart.

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There’s a 21 year age gap between Mercy and Soldier 76? I know she’s a medical prodigy, but was she the head of Overwatch’s medical team at 14 or something?

she was a prodigy who had already started studying at university at 17, if I remember correctly.

now even the people who make the lore is failing, the ages are so wrong, sojourn is not even 50 and looks like 60, junker queen has been queen for 10 years after beating the old king and is only 31, dva not being the youngest character feels wrong, she was the baby of the team, illari sounds and looks like is 30, and of course, kiriko 21 jajajjaja, hanzo could be her dad, so, genji had like 20 something and have a bowl cut?

and something i have been bothered since ow launch, in the future with future medicine and life expectancy being higher i guess ana, soldier, rein and torb are 60 but act and look like they are 80 or something, in the future the 60s should be the new 40s, ana should look like pharah sister

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Omnics, robots and AI in general are not aging, they just get updates =)

Even though that video says Sojiro died when Kiriko was 7, her bio says it happened when she was 12: “When she was twelve years old, the head of the clan, Sojiro Shimada, was assassinated by the rival Hashimoto clan.”

The fact that one of the devs says it happened when she was 7 is pretty bad, but that aside, I’d take what’s in her bio over what’s in the video, so that would put the brothers at 28 and 31 when the fight happened.

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But does that make sense? Retribution was 8 years before Recall, which would be 10 years ago now, Genji is 37 and he was already with Blackwatch at that time.

He would’ve had to be at least 26/27 or younger when the fight happened.

These ages annoy me, can we not just add years or whatever? Makes it more confusing.

Wow, not a single August birthday. So much for inclusivity, Blizzard.

Actgually, we have a true timeline thanks to the story missions, and 10 years ago was Uprising.

So Retribution was likely 11 years ago, and probably a year before, so, 12 years ago, Sojiro’s death and Genji beeing saved by Overwatch and recruited into Blackwatch.

Wich is why they should change Kiriko’s biography to say that Sojiro’s death happened 12 years ago or so, instead of “Kiriko being 12 y/o”. Because 12 + 12 = 24, not 21… Or, they could change her age I guess…


we shouldn’t forget that the uprising comic had news about a blackwatch/overwatch case in japan in the background (on one of the screens in morrison’s office). it is a sign that blackwatch had already acted in japan, although it is not specified whether genji’s revenge by dismantling the shimada clan had already occurred before or after the retribution events (the discovery of blackwatch in the world).

in any case, I’m not entirely convinced that changing Uprising by 3 years (instead of 2 like all hero biographies) improves our ideas of how the lore is structured. I really wish they would bring back the old arcjives events with an updated dateline to the start of the mission :pensive: