The nonsense of score screen waiting time

So, recently I read this: Leaving game when seeing defeat or victory - #8 by JeffreyKaplan
And being me, I did some math. Based on this infographic: [Overwatch Anniversary 2018 Infographic - News - Overwatch] I know there is over 40 million copies of OW sold.
I did some assumptions: 10% of this is active players and they play 1 game a week.

That gives us 4 million games played a week (not strictly games, I mean each player played one game).
After a game, there is 1 minute downtime (PotG, voting, medals, all that stuff).
It is 4 000 000 minutes a week
over 66 666 hours
over 2 777 days is wasted a week
Almost 400 days of time is wasted each day!

My general perception is that around half of players leave right after final screen.
So let’s take only them into consideration.
200 days of time is wasted each day (full days, this is 600 man-days, or FTE’s), because they can not find game before the one they just left resolves.

Let’s put it into numbers.
I will say that on average, gaming pc uses 500W of power. 200240,5=2400KWh of electricity is wasted each day.
This is over 100 000$ wasted yearly on electricity, just because of that single mechanic.
Let’s express this in average wage for US. It would be over 115 000$ counted by average hoiurly wage in US. EACH DAY! That is 42M$ a year!
What about carbon footprint? Over 500 000 kg of CO2 a year is added to atmosphere.

Note that my assumptions were quite loose. 10% of players playing only 1 game a week. I believe OW community is more active.
Seriously, that is one big waste of time and energy.
Please, stop that. If we leave at the score screen, let us queue right away.

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They stopped doing it for mystery heroes and it’s wonderful. 3 seconds after DEFEAT I’m already in a new game.

Except they didn’t…

Go play a game of MH and record it. Leave the second you see Victory or defeat and time it until you find a new game. If it’s less than 40 seconds, they changed it. It used to be a minimum 40 seconds because you weren’t even in the queue until then.

If You find it early, it is always a backfill. never full game.

FYI if you care about your endorsement levels… stop quitting early. If you quit before the score cards pop up for the best four players in the match you will take an endorsement penalty.

Personally I agree with you that all of the penalties and delays should be stopped from moment you see the Victory or Defeat message as time runs out or the CP / payload finishes.

But, you have to consider that there are internet delays. I reckon that Blizzard uses these downtimes between matches to update the records systems. And there is probably a bit of backlog queueing query runs when you are talking about 40 million players. Especially during peak times.