The New Venice Map

The map for the event is absolutely amazing and was wondering if it was going to hit the PTR sometime this month, along with the Hanzo changes as well, I cannot wait to test out the new map.


It’s gonna be a nice ffa map


Playing it in the payload mode thingy would be neat. This map has great design and is going to stay after archives event goes off because it will be an official map.

Rialto PvP will be on the PTR in a week or two.

Hanzo will hit the PTR this month, not sure of an exact ETA.


That’s awesome! Anything in particular you’re excited about?

Didn’t you say at the Overwatch League a few nights ago that it was going to be a Payload map?

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Is there a reason why Ayutthaya is listed as a control map on your website? Is that an oversight or a hint?


What about torb and symmetra when are they goin on ptr

Payload is PvP, is it not?

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He just talked about Symm in another post, a summer eta is most likely for her changes.

This is good to know.
Gotta go teach my last Geometry lessons :smirk:


Back to Uni next week, sucks I won’t be here for the Hanzo rework :sob:

It will hit PTR after the event ends, or at least that’s what I thought Jeff said during the OwL livestream :slight_smile:

Stay cool :sunglasses:

Full Payload style, Hybrid?

From the OWL stream, Jeff said it was a pure payload map.


Excellent, that’s my favourite type. :]

Will we one day get a reverse Hybrid I wonder, Payload to a point, and then Capture after that?

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Jeff mentioned during the OWL reveal that it was going to be a payload map.

but nobody knows what the payload is :frowning:

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More information to come right? I heard that the PTR preview should arrive soon.

we all know nobody is on the payload, so it won’t arrive…