The New Patch: Logical Conclusions

Clarification: When I mention the Replay System, I meant the groundwork for it. Not total implementation.

A lot of people have their own personal speculation on what will be included in the next patch. As it evidently is going to be big.
So this thread is for the sharing of ideas on what each of us may expect, and whether we agree or disagree with others.

With that in mind, my speculation is as follows:

  1. The Reinhardt changes;
    I’m not sure if this can be called a rework, but, at the beginning of this year- we (Reinhardt players) were told that Reinhardt’s kit was being entirely redone (in terms of coding/programming) to make him more consistent as they knew he suffered. The date we were told to expect it on PTR was Summer.
    It is well-past that time, and I am expecting they ran into a few snags.

So alongside the replay system, I expect Reinhardt’s changes to be coming into the game.
That leads me to my second guess…

  1. Overwatch Replay System;
    As most of us know, there is an additional client able to be downloaded from the Overwatch launcher. That is of course, the OverWatch World Cup Viewer.

This is obviously expected as it functions on its own client, and was confirmed by Blizzard to be coming to the PTR and then Live sometime after Blizzcon.

  1. Balance Changes;
    From an exclusive source, the Devs have confirmed they are iterating in Doomfist and arguably more importantly… Bastion.

An example of this is reducing the momentum by less than 40% after Doomfist uses Rocket Punch. Decreasing the range of Seismic Slam from 17m to 15m, and making you only be without air-control (after an Uppercut) for 0.6 seconds. Instead of until you hit the ground.

For Bastion, a clip size in Recon from 20 to 35, and reversed spread in Sentry Configuration (spread tightens the longer you’re shooting). Although they said these changes were all being tested internally and may be further changed or removed or added to by the time it hits the PTR.

That’s my speculation.
Do you guys & girls have any other ideas for what may be included?
Or perhaps you disagree with my own speculation, why?
I’d love to hear more players’ voices in the matter.

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Don’t get too excited just yet.
It could very well be just some QOL/bug fixes or something similar that for some reason requires a full re-install.


Hopefully it means we get optimization


Wasn’t Reinhardt’s Earthshatter all fixed from the ground up recently?

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I think its mainly set up for the replay system.

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That reminds me.

There was a forum post a short time ago about an undetectable aimbot hack that only activated after you’ve already hit the person’s head, and could be manually broken by aiming away a certain distance.

A blue posted a reply saying they were looking into it.
So that could be in it.

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There wont be much to it. We just had blizzcon and nothing big was announced


I’m not usually the one to be harsh in criticizing Blizzard for their actions.

However, the coding changes were more than his Earthshatter.
And alongside that, if you look up old videos for when that patch with the Earthshatter fixes came out- or just played Reinhardt for a couple hours, you’d see there’s still some pretty big issues.

It’s way more consistent now, but it’s not fixed.

There’s still issues with timing, hitboxes, and deadzones.

This is not the first time we’ve had to do a full download reinstall. Last time was for the anniversary patch I believe.

I think the hopes of seeing any super big unannounced changes are a little misguided, they are just telling us about it because last time we had to do a full reinstall a lot of complaints were made.

I’m also pretty sure the Reinhardt Shatter ‘overhaul’ they were talking about made it into the Busan Map patch.

They could just be putting in most of the base code for the replay system without any intention for it to be active but rather to get it into the build leaving it disabled, this way they can start running the viewer code through regular Q and A in future patches to ensure they don’t break it and not notice, making more work for themselves.

The only balance changes this next patch will have will be the ones on the PTR, they don’t tend to skip the PTR entirely for big balance changes such as the ones proposed for DF, Basion and Cree.

It’s entirely possible they have no extra features coming with this big patch and it’s simply technical changes that are just too annoying and would take too much work to merge with the live version of the game.

They did specifically post the notification in the technical support forum and not the general forum.

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Major optimizations and QoL bug fixes.

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Welp, lets hope this time patch will not break reinhardt more XD


I hope they get rid off the invisible characters bug thats happens with low specs computers, every time I suffer this i have to wait 20 seconds or more before seeing my my own teammates


Fixed a bug that allowed Reinhardt to have a hammer


The replay system isn’t set to be released for a while, i think they said.

The big patch is probably just some big changes to the overwatch game client rather than features. In the coming patch, i wouldnt expect anything aside from what theyve already announced to come in the patch.


I hope it’s mostly optimization. Something I’ve had a problem with for a long time:

I can’t play in my native Aspect Ratio/Resolution

It’s a pretty big deal and I wish it got more attention
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Oh yikes.
I didn’t know that existed.

Hope that gets fixed too.

The patch is mostly to make future patches smaller in size.

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That’s why i’m asking. I don’t play him at all but I can relate to a buggy hero and how frustrating it can be to play them.

That is much appreciated.

Sorry if my reply came off as harsh, it wasn’t meant to. But rather, to be informative.

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I got that, it’s cool.