The Mercy rework did nothing good for the community

Well what else would she do if she wouldn’t be resurrecting. Letting her teammates die. Of course not.:man_facepalming:

Mercy 1.0 didn’t encourage them to stop healing, that is what some players started to do. Mercy could keep them alive if she didn’t stop healing. Less Mercy players actually used to hide and rez than you think. Most of them didn’t. It’s just a myth. Anyways, even if she was hiding to stop healing and then go in an rez after the enemy ulted, how is that any different from a DPS going on a flank to do their ult. Both times they aren’t doing their own job, and when they do it would probably be impactful.



I don’t think we’ve ever seen so many tanks and supports concurrently being viable.

And to be brutally honest, even if Mercy does end up being dumpster tier, while I’d like her to be balanced with the rest, I’d still rather play an Overwatch where there was one support you never play over an Overwatch where there was one hero you must play.


I played one comp match last night and I got 3 DPS. One started to throw and then leave. Didn’t have fun and probably won’t for a while.

maybe you can answer a question for me, what is moth meta? I probably know what it is I just don’t know it by that name, so can you tell me which meta was moth meta?



It is sad how right you are with this thread. Some of us tried gathering feedback and make another rework suggestion for Mercy which resulted in this thread.

Yet some people still find the need to be toxic even if we try being constructive and all. And the Overwatch team isnt helping at all with being silent about everything. I really wish this rework would have never happend not because of mass-rez but because of all the toxicity coming with it.


789 votes. Not very reliable source is it. Not the majority of the community. The people who voted this are probably not even Mercy players. Mercy’s used to hide and rez because their team usually told them to. They would stay on the point otherwise.

You only brought up on point. I would love to hear you opinion on the other one.

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Moth meta was just Mercy meta. (People called her a moth) It started when she was reworked and kinda ended in January.

This did happen. Before the rework.

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Season 4. That was great.


OP pretty much said everything on my mind.

Hate hide and Rez? Make it Los and bam no need for a rework


You mean when every game was dive, only two tanks were popular (plus Reinhardt at lower tiers), Ana’s pickrate was plummeting, and the game had two-thirds the healers it does today?

We did have a brief window of this before dive picked up, but that was more an artifact of the meta not solidifying yet than anything else.

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I’m talking about when you wouldn’t get your head ripped of regardless of what healer you played. And that was BEFORE. THE. REWORK. Mercy doesn’t have to be the way she is now for that to exist. And so what if there were only four healers? You could play any of them.

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No, you could play Lucio. And then you could play either Ana or Mercy depending on what rank you were and how far through the season you were. If you were Mercy before around June 2017 or so at GM, your team would insta-tilt.

Zenyatta? Nonexistent, because that was still the era of the Lucio must-pick. So basically you’ve got 2-3 out of 4 viable heroes, which isn’t exactly a good track record. That’s of course ignoring the tanks, and dive was the most stale tank meta in the game’s entire history.

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okay I kinda figured that’s what it was. yeah supports are in a better place now, if that means that mercy isn’t amazingly great now then all the better. I stopped playing Mercy with this nerf because it was one too many on a character that had already had all the fun drained out of them, but it was still necessary to make other supports reliable.

She’s still one of the best consistent healers in the game. They haven’t done enough to change that.

And yet, after beginning to experiment with nerfing mass res, they completely reworked her.
Why not add a cast time?
Or line of sight requirements?


Did you ever play her?

This rework has been the most polarizing and excruciating time I’ve experienced both in the game and on the internet.

This change hurt this community and it’s still causing damage.