The Mercy Nerf will do Absolutely Nothing

Do you have proof for anything you say? :rofl: Oh wait, it’s just an opinion.

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50% is ideal. If her win rate continues to fall they’re gonna have to do something.

Actually the January nerf that added cast time to Rez looked to have made her balanced for months. Her winrate was around 50%, her pick rate was about even with Moira’s and far from 100%. Then the meta changed and she became dominant again, but nowhere near as much as during last year after the rework when she was literally a must pick at every level.

Now she got another significant nerf while Ana got a decent buff so I expect her to remain non-dominant.

I feel like considering how reliable her kit is, it makes sense that her win rate would be higher than other heroes like, say, Widowmaker who require a ton of skill to capitalize with. I guess that’s not really something people consider when they complain about Mercy being OP?

Her winrate will probably go back up when her pickrate adjusts itself.

No… That’s still an opinion. Who would you be to dictate what does and doesn’t belong in Overwatch? I think it’s fair to say that neither you nor I are in any place to make such statements without giving our opinions. Not at all factual.

The main reason why Mercy got reworked was due to a combination of pro players saying “Hide and Res breaks the game”, The SR exploit, and the team giving Mercy invincibility instead of giving her LOS. Here’s a fact: Mercy 1.0 was a troll pick with mass res, and only became a must-pick when she was given invincibility. Before then, she wasn’t broken nor OP, so that statement is subjectively false.

Mass res Mercy has lower pickrates and win rates than Valk Mercy, even current Mercy with the current nerfs has a HIGHER pick / win rate than Mercy back in 1.0. So mechanically she made more sense to the game than now, by far. In fact, Valkyrie has been compared more accurately to a spectator camera than anything with actual impact - and to be honest, I’m inclined to agree with them there.

Also you’re projecting. I don’t own any “one trick player base”, you may want to check your bias there.

Once again, you are projecting your own personal feeling about “mercy one tricks” and it seems to weaken your argument. “Your people” is irrelevant to this discussion and only shows your bias, so I suggest you work on getting that prejudice against Mercy mains under control.

Here’s another fact, since you seem to know so much about these “One tricks Mercy mains”: Mercy mains largely didn’t want the rework to begin with. The rework was forced upon them against their will. If you looked back, a lot of mercy mains did NOT want a rework, and didn’t like the rework when it went live. This is a hard pill to swallow, so I assume that this is news to you. If you want more hard pills to swallow that tells the actual truth about Mercy (instead of rumors people told you), I suggest taking a look at my other thread:

Almost 500 likes and 3-4 pages worth of proof my guy. I suggest reading up. :smirk:

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No complaints, just wanted to say you have a very nice and reasoned way of speaking with people and kudos to you for that. I wish I had that much self restraint, but I’m too much of a jerkbutt by nature. Keep up the good work!

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A Thread with almost 500 likes proves you to be completely incorrect.

This just isnt how that works, another mercy main forgetting that this forum and that thread are overwhelmed by mercy mains, its called bias and the devs are aware of it, and thats why they dont pay attention to any mercy threads. Im with Sankaku multi rez should never return.

Just play the game? Even at 50 HPS right now it’s taken a major impact on Mercy’s HPS over time. Even with constant healing it’s hard to break 13k-14k healing. These numbers will be even lower if it went to 45 HPS.

Ana is 90 HPS (On Paper)

Moira is 110 HPS (On Paper)

There’s no reason to pick at least Moira in any circumstance.

Lowering it 5 HPS would be significantly lower than Ana’s and Moira’s making it harder to keep anyone alive in a team fight without just getting burst down.

Tell me, are you biased since you see terrible Ana’s and Moira’s while playing the game? I’ve been getting 15k+ with Ana since the Mercy Nerf.

You play on Console so please remember the game is totally different than on PC. Ana is still garbage on there.

That’s just an opinion bro. I suggest you cultists get off your high horses and get a dose of reality :rofl:

Read enough alright - the dude wants Mass Rez to be back and have a 100hp burst AoE healing for everyone alive including Mercy. :joy: I think that was the funniest crazy Mercy suggestion I’ve read for this week.

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It was hard for me to see the facts myself, and then Mercy had her 9th, and then her 10th nerf. And then I started doubting these nerfs as “doing anything.”

I’m more of a “wait and see”, long term type of person, so excuse me if I believe that this failure of a rework has time and time again, proved my theory right in that nerfing Mercy instead of reverting her Rez back to Q has done absolutely nothing to her current state. I’m looking forward to seeing her pick and winrates once again, rise back up to the top for the 11th time. :wink:


Cult? Oh that’s you projecting your prejudice on mercy mains against someone you hardly know. That’s fine then, I forgive your misconception :slight_smile:

Also almost 500 likes = crazy Mercy suggestion? Hmmm, not sure about that. I don’t think they was the crazy one in that theory. I don’t think the idea of “If I don’t agree with it, it’s crazy” gives you a very strong argument there either. You may want to try again :smile:

  1. I don’t only play on console. (lel)
  2. You asking me if I’m biased based on bad Ana and Moira’s is irrelevant to this discussion. I’ve seen Moira’s and Ana’s hitting 18k+ healing before Mercy’s nerf, so that data is both subjective and unreliable. Just because you personally seen more anas and moiras healing, does not make it fact, so unless you have actual documented data that proves this, I am inclined to just write that off as a subjective opinion.
  3. I guess we’re not going to mention how Reinhardt still has a higher pickrate than Mercy on avg. Are you suggesting we nerf him too? Also, since the nerfs, Mercy is still the top healer at the time of this post, so… not sure what you’re trying to prove. Maybe if you mentioned Ana and Moira being played more 2-3 weeks from now, you may actually have a good argument.

Yes, the Revert Mercy cult. You don’t speak for all the Mercy mains son. You speak for a very small yet incredibly vocal minority (all members on the forums as a matter of fact are a very small percent of the OW population). I play Mercy as well and enjoy her and find her fun. You don’t speak for me, nor do you represent me. You are a small loud group that unfortunately gives other Mercy players a bad name.

The fact that something is liked does not make it empirically valid. :rofl: Thank god, Blizzard doesn’t listen to you. The idea is absolute bonkers and will make Mercy OP the likes of which we’ve never seen. Mass Rez + Burst AoE heal at the same time, get outta here, you guys are delusional :rofl:

Oh and by the way, bring more smurfs to up-vote that thread. The number of people that have liked it with 0 posts on the forum and very low level (below 100) is staggering. You think you are so clever, go and check how many of those profiles are alt accounts :rofl:

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Multi rez is a trash ability that made me stop playing the game, i came back after the mercy rework because i hate it so much. No arguements about balance or win rates can convince me to not hate that ability. It ruins my games. Also the fact that she bounces back after nerfs doesnt mean they were a complete failure, it means weve moved in the right direction an amount and will continue to work on it. The bouncing of pickrates and such is just a result of people overreacting. Absolute number of nerfs means nothing, theyre edging her in a direction not just lopping off her head.

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#revertmercy is never going to happen.

Mass rez was boring to play and encouraged game play that doesn’t fit into overwatch (letting your team die).

But yeah, until rez is removed most mercy nerfs won’t be noticeable.


Imo Moira was always a solid pick and the buff to Ana’s Nanoboost is very strong.

It just sucks they keep nerfing all the wrong things.

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How Mercy mains defending a revert prove someone else’s opinion is incorrect?

Yeah and opinion, there are tons of people already talking about it even here/reddit/youtube/pro streamers etc. How many nerfs resurrect got already? from Valk 1.0 to now? and still doesn’t seem to be balanced? that should’ve tell you something.

Did it completely, Mercy with that strat broke the game for everyone that didn’t play Mercy, tanks-dps almost everyone hated to die on point because Mercy demanded it because "Is more useful if everyone just stop playing the game and die so I can pull a 5 mas res "

Completely fake, Mercy have never been a troll pick like Symmetra/Bastion or Torbjorn, characters that since OW released haven’t be viable. Mercy was not viable in some modes like KOTH or in some attack maps, but that would be to much for your people, you want Mercy to not only to be viable but a must pick.

Because she isn’t the only healer anymore , we got Ana - > Moira - > Brigitte, the game changed a lot since Season 3 and now we are in 11. And of course with Valk 1.0 Mercy was ten times better than old one, everyone who played this game since then remember how broken Mercy with 1.0 Walk was, completely out of mind.

By who? as you said “Opinions” because your never had to deal against a Flying Phara 2.0 who moved extremely fast, and it was impossible to take down by normal measures except a Deadeye or a Widow Headshot?.

Why would you? when your character ;

-Break the game
-Break the SR system (People climbing from silver to GM)
-Had little almost no counter play beside getting spawn camped so you couldn’t press Q.
-Easy to use with no skill required like aiming,reloading , taking care about CD management etc

Why would you like a Rework? is like when you play a MMROPG and your class is better than anyone giving you the most easy path to be on top 1 while the other classes cannot even compete?.

I’ll give you a nice hard pill to swallow, Mercy was broken in the past and was ten times even more broken with Valk 1.0 to the point Blizz had to nerf her over and over trying to balance things REFUSING to get rid of Resurrect because they know that can be to much for one change to another so drastically

I’ll say this, despite everything that’s happened since the Mercy rework, one thing I will never forgive Blizzard for is that they didn’t even attempt to nerf Mass Rez with reduced ranged, LoS checks , etc. Instead they just completely reworked it to get Mass Rez out of the game in time for the OWL…

And… Neither do you? I’m glad we both settled that conundrum. Thanks for giving your opinion though.

Spoiler alert btw: You can put down the tin-foil hat, “revert mercy cults” don’t exist. Just people who aren’t afraid to see everything as “fine and dandy” with a rework that has failed more than 10 times. I prefer to be a realist, and when something has proven multiple times that it won’t work, I am inclined to not trust it anymore and go back to the basics.

Also you assumed that almost 500 of those likes are all from smurfs and alt accounts. Do you have any proof of this? Otherwise I am going to write you off as once again, projecting your bias. No… That’s unhealthy… I prefer to be better than be part of the “Mercy hatred cult.” It seems just as bad as your non-existent “revert mercy cult” you seem to constantly refer to. :smirk:

I think they have a plan laid of for Mercy we just don’t know it yet. I know they gave a reason for the healing nerf but it just seemed to come at a random time. (all the support changes really lol). Hopefully they find a way to balance rez or just remove it cause its been almost a year of this nonsense and everyone is tired.