The "Mercy Bingo"


Keep it up, there’s a disclaimer warning everyone.
As Torbjorn would say, “BINGO!”
I enjoy current Mercy more because I don’t have to worry about getting yelled by multiple people at for rezing or not rezing. Now it’s just one person that gets mad. :laughing:


You do realize that your opinions on someone do not equate to facts, right?

How does someone listing common negative remarks said against Mercy mains, automatically constitute them as a “mouthpiece for a hive mind?” Are you trying to deny that the things that were listed haven’t been said about Mercy mains?

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.


It’s called ad hominem :stuck_out_tongue: ToughBoy doesn’t realise that it’s a logical fallacy. :smirk:


i think you’re focusing on the negative connotations that go with being called a “hive mind”

and to that, i do not care. i don’t care if you guys pretend like your feelings are hurt-- especially when you turn around and say “oh but i heard much worse” and especially when a good many of you (maybe not you, i dont know who you are tbh) are deliberately malicious to anyone who doesn’t agree with you

darn right you heard much worse, but the difference between what i just said and “much worse” is that what i said was true, and “much worse” was probably just to be malicious

unless you are saying she is NOT a mouth piece
“a person or organization that speaks on behalf of another person or organization.”
she literally vocalizes the opinions of many mercy posters on these forums, who in turn take her videos and spam them on the forums to preach them as gospel.

if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, well then, my friend, we have ourselves a duck :duck:


i don’t understand mercy mains, what do they mean by “its not fun and impactful ult” ?

her ult does give her team a advantage but mercy players will just say “its not fun” but what exactly is a fun ultimate?

zenyatta’s ult is not any different from mercy’s ult “fun” wise neither is lucio’s or ana’s ult. using fun into balance changes makes no sense imo


I encourage you to read this, lost soul:


You mean you don’t like being vulnerable for, what, .7(?) seconds while you slap the ground?


Would you want to be called a “member of a hivemind?” Yes or No?

All of that was really cute, really it was. Thanks for sharing your opinion, I really felt the edginess of your response.

You still haven’t answered my two questions, so I will repeat it.

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.


JGah every time I watch one of her videos, you can feel the bias coming out of the screen, just smacking you in the face😂

Not constructive, just ranmbling on and on and complaining. She seriously doesn’t look at the other side of things. Hence why I don’t listen.

(That’s just my opinion on it, don’t take it as gospel)


that’s subjective

its like lucio mains creating threads about how fun trans is while beat is just boring. if its balanced it doesn’t need to be changed because some players find their ult unfun while other ults are more fun for them


As someone who is known here as a “beacon of positivity for both sides” this post doesn’t put you in a good light Jelly, quite honestly. My opinion.

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.


i frequent these forums and know that they are said about mercy mains. i also explained why i said she is a mouth-piece; never did i say the talking points in her video made her a mouth piece. the fact that she makes those videos to begin with is what makes her a mouth piece

i wouldn’t want to be called a mouth piece for a hive mind. that’s why im not one lol


i disagree completely with some of the mercy mains arguments on balance changes but it doesn’t mean that they should be insulted though


I really think the community (or the forums rather) has come to its conclusion on Aria Rose (RosenAria???) it’s got to the point where everyone knows what side they’re on, those who want Mercy reverted treat her word like gospel and see no flaws in her arguments, and those who hate the idea of reverted Mercy/Mercy in general completely disregard any valid arguments she makes.

Short point said long, post like OPs don’t change anyone’s opinion and just bring people our of their respective camps to yell at each other.


I know

I like the cast of beat, honestly. It’s very aesthetic. But what I’m saying is that I agree; all support ults can be boiled down to that. Like yeah i sure love making someone glow blue while they get all the glory hahaha

It’s tea… And critique; not insults.


I wanna bet like 10 million pounds that you will change your mind after reading this post. JUST READ IT!!


I agree completely; it’s what I’ve been saying. Videos like these do not even try to sway people on the fence or on the opposition (like a rhetorical work should do). Rather, they only appeal to people who already agree.


The video wasn’t even intended to be on the forums… You can’t be saying this and that when Aria wasn’t the one that posted it on the forums. She made the video for the people who watch her channel. She didn’t even say that it was intended to sway anyone’s opinion…


I actually don’t get that crap so you’re a lover of true fair and fun balance? and yet your only interest is mercy, at least edit it like that

a Lover of True,Fair (keepo) and Fun Mercy Balance.


This is simply my opinion, and I did not insult or get mad at anyone who enjoys her, I’m just saying my thoughts on her videos👌

And if I insulted you by doing that, then I’m sorry. But I have always thought that about her vids, this isn’t the first time.

Jelly can have opinions and say them, better then hiding it and putting on a mask. I have never put on one, I always say what I think😉