The Mercy bickering MUST STOP! 🛑

It is every day. I’m looking at 3 on the front page right now. There are multiple each day. lol.

And again, the point is - people are allowed to have opinions. Discussions should be encouraged. You shouldn’t be dumping on a group of people for wanting to have a discussion. :confused:

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Wants Mercy bickering to stop.
Starts yet another Mercy topic.

Mercy is now the worst support in the game and basically a throw pick and Jeff said “we feel the changes worked amazingly well and we’re very happy with the supports” ANYWAYS

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Because maybe the OP wanted an actual discussion instead of people coming in and derailing the thread and promoting toxcicity…?

But the majority of these ““Mercy Discussion”” are currently comprised of either, can we have a word on x y z or can we get a revert.

Tell me, is that a discussion?

I’d be right by you if Zenyatta became trash. I was there with Ana mains when she was trash asking for buffs. I’m here to support my fellow supports. :upside_down_face: Now in this time of need the other supports need to be with Mercy players rn.


Infact, I used to be really against a Mercy rework, and had a rather poor image of all Mercy mains. But my opinion has changed drastically when I put myself in their shoes. I also realised that when Mercy becomes weaker, Zenyatta becomes weaker.

I don’t know why people think everyone is against everyone. Especially support mains. We’re all trying to do our job and we should all be supportive of eachother.

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They had over an year, which they used to make her worse and worse, they don’t deserve any more trust from us.

Exactly. I think it’s time Mercy gets a rework. This rework turned the supports against each other and the forums have just become a War Zone. We need to come together and make sure that all heroes are viable in as many scenarios as possible.

The problem is Mercy’s niche is back to pre-rework Mercy where she is again meant for pocketing a hero but she has a watered down ultimate as an ability and an ultimate that is basically an ability on a long active time.

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If you read beyond the title, most of the time - yes. There’s actually a discussion beyond the original post. And maybe it’s just me, but I read through threads. I like seeing the interactions people have. Discussions occur not only from someone responding to the thread’s opening post, but through proceeding replies to one another.

And threads like Titanium’s, which are packed with insight from multiple perspective - even acknowledging some drawbacks and potential downsides to suggestions that people make - are perfect for these discussions.

If you are finding that you’re not finding a substantial discussion in those threads, and they really are falling under the umbrellas of demanding something - encourage that discussion! You have influence, too.

I often go into the “Can we get a word on X Y Z” threads and raise the point that if they do want it, they have to accept and acknowledge the answer they get and not skew it. I’d also ask them what specifically they hope to hear and why.

Start that discussion, man. If you see it’s falling short, you can help move it in the right direction.

I kind of agree but you’ve gotta admit, there’s a real double standard when it comes to locking balance threads based on spam.

If it’s Mercy, you can guarantee it’s gunna get locked. If it’s anyone else, they’ll let it linger until it becomes toxic.

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What I find fun with playing mercy is her movement.

You can jump in the air and do all sort of crazy plays. Even with the nerf, that’s what make me still play her. She can be mobile and evasive in the right player hand.

But, I would have nerf half the numbers of what happened to her in the recent nerf.

That’s why I made this spear idea post.

It free’s up Mercy to have her Genji-blade moment during Valkyrie.

🍢 [Mercy] Spear of the Valkyrie

No, that’s trust. Which is tentatively given and can be taken away if they prove to be untrustworthy.

Nice opinion. I completely disagree on all counts :smiley:

And old Mercy was literally just holding heal on a target, and if people on your team die near each other you can cast a resurrection once every couple of team fights.

This is a great support meta where most supports get to shine. I still perform pretty well on Mercy too. I don’t think she’s always the worst. It is pretty situational. Sometimes Lucio is not working with the team compositions and Mercy would actually be better.

“rework turned people against each other. It’s time for another rework”
That is not going to work.

Case and point: I don’t want Mercy reworked. I prefer her now over mass resurrection Mercy.

It’s not an ultimate.
That would be like saying Dva’s rockets are a watered down version of Pharah’s ultimate.

This argument is so flawed it is amazing anyone seriously uses it (I know it’s probably because of Titanium’s thread lololol)

Although, it is the OW forums, so maybe I shouldn’t be surprised.

Exactly. Her movement has actually been buffed since mass resurrection Mercy. That’s one of the reasons I don’t want a rework or a revert. I want guardian angel to stay as it is.

there is not a single situation where Mercy is better than Lucio.

Maybe if you’re not good enough with Mercy, but I am. There are many times I swap from Lucio to go Mercy when my team needs more directed, substantial healing.
Also if I think we could use resurrection.
Also if we are taking a lot of burst damage Lucio’s healing isn’t really enough sometimes. So I go Mercy and it works.

I could go on, but hopefully you get the point.

Jelly had to xd❤️

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That’s exactly what i was going for.

Enough of this Vader release him.

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How is it flawed? The ability Resurrect is a shell of its self when it was an ultimate. All the work you put into Resurrecting your ally to get a measly 1 person and in the process several of your allies die because you can’t heal them… uhh what???

Mhm… a rework would help this state of Mercy. You can’t buff anything more to Mercy without making her oppressive again since Valkyrie is an easy mode for players that don’t juggle beams and know how to use GA effectively. Resurrect is currently balanced because it’s in an ability slot and it needs to be so badly designed just to make it even work.

We discussed that problem more than enough already. Wait let me get some threads for you.

There you go some of those threads are a bit older but still good. I think all relevant points get discussed in it and have some possible solutions as well.