The Lucio emote is against Lucio’s nature

Well it’s because you think that it’s as easy to get self control, as you said.

“Just stop doing x”

Sounds easy on paper, right? Obviously you’ve never had an addiction if you understood, you can’t have self control when something is controlling you. Considering I had an addition myself, and my friends and family have, with a lot of first hand experience, it isn’t easy, and you can’t just think telling them “get a grip/self control” is going to help them at all.

My question for you would be, is this your first rodeo with business practices along these lines?

I don’t know if he is, but medical science absolutely disagrees with you.

My first rodeo? Look, this world is filled with nothing but businesses. I have many options and games to choose from - and yes I have.

But whether I have or not doesn’t allow or give them any right to treat or act the same way. Does nobody understand common decency in this world? No wonder greed has taken over.

I think lucio referring to civillians and not big company vishkar

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I stated what I think they need to do. I never said it was easy. I just said that I believe people are capable of helping themselves as well getting the help they need. I’m sorry about your friends and family. And I’m sorry you had to experience it first hand. But, don’t go finding my reply one of ignorance based on how you perceived it. I didn’t mean to offend you. But never did I say just telling them was going to fix it. No idea where you got that from. This is about a Lucio emote. I myself know hard it is to break an addiction but don’t you think, understanding yourself and knowing what it is you have to achieve can help?

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I understand that. You’re right, greed is very powerful. It’s just the way people complain about these type of things make it seem like these business practices are foreign to them. I’m just wondering where they’re coming from on matters like these.

I literally don’t get the problem. If you want it, buy it. It’s not just an emote, it’s everything the OWL:AA comes with. It’s a lot of cool stuff! I bought mine right when it was announced! If you don’t want it, or don’t think it’s worth it, or don’t think it’s fair for some insane reason, well, don’t get it. It offers zero upper hand in-game as it is purely cosmetic.

I can’t fathom the issue with this emote. There have been plenty of OWL:AA exclusive things so far; just because this is coolest doesn’t change that. I’m happy that the pass I paid just 20 dollars for has started ramping up and offering even more cool things!


No, sweetheart you are not the only one to notice this.

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Because the reason they’re showcasing the skin is to lock it behind that SO people HAVE to buy it just to GET the SKIN.

Tell me why is it being locked behind OWL? What does it deal with in OWL? Skins for the team that go to the team? Sure. Skins that are normal and should be in loot boxes or events in the game? Yeah, NO.

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But that’s not how business today works.

They never said the All Access stuff would only be OWL-related things though. I anticipated cool stuff like this, which is why I bought it to begin with. I’m happy to be getting even more cool things than I had expected when I bought mine; it makes me happy that Blizzard is still trying to do more for the pass-holders.


Even the US government is a business, in the sense of behavior rather than definition. It wants to make as much money as possible, often even if it’s not what’s actually best for the general population. They just manipulate people to make it seem like everything is for their own good.

All business is pretty much just a manipulation game.
We should “manipulate” right back and be against the things we don’t want in our future.

Again, bad business practice. Go ahead and defend them then, see how far this practice takes them. cause from the looks of it? Not even most of their fanboys that scream and cry for them are really doing it now.

Probably just the blind rich ones.

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People hate the OWL and love the game. They hate the cash grabbiness of loot boxes but love Lucio. Stop pretending it’s hard to understand.


They ain’t doin squatola for you. They’re doing it to try to force all the people who won’t buy the garbage pass to get content for the game they’ve been ignoring.

In game content should never be behind a paywall. What ever happened to all in-game content being free?


Poor little indie studio Activision|Blizzard. They’ve been struggling so much.


The Activision part of the name is what bothers me the most.

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Does it? Two words. Auction house.

Blizz still knows how to make good games. Doesn’t change the fact that they are, and for a long time have been, greedy ****s.