The Lucio emote is against Lucio’s nature

“Everyone should be free to do as they please”
And then he fights against corporate powers. Blizzard is using a character that is a -freedom fighter- in order to make people pay money to get his emote. Am I the only one who see’s the irony?


This is such a cash grab. It’s not even going to a charity or something. They just wanted more money.


It’s an emote… You don’t need it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it should be exclusive. But, when it comes down to it, you REALLY don’t need it. It’s not that deep.


Same company that boasted about making BILLIONS on lootboxes alone, clearly they’re desperate.


Yeah, but most sports do that right? (I seriously wouldn’t know.)

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I’ll say it again. Are you okay with loot boxes? You don’t need it, but it shouldn’t be there in the first place.

Just like gambling. You don’t NEED those skins, but people ruin their lives over it. It’s not whether I need it or not, it’s the fact it’s there in general, and that isn’t okay.


I’m not complaining, it’s just ironic. Someone who fought against the corporate machine, is being used by the corporate machine.


Idk I don’t care about sports lol

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Same D= I guess a sportsball fan will have to tell us XD


That is honestly one of the funniest things.

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Can you believe it? A business trying to make money? Absolutely despicable.



Not trying to sound hostile. But, whether it’s there or not. Would it be a problem if people learned some self control? Sure, I want it. But, if I don’t have the means to claim it, so be it. No need to bust a blood vessel. The reality of the situation doesn’t have to be the way it is. You really can’t control the business decisions made behind the scenes. But, you can control how you receive it.


But using lucio of all characters? Symmetra would have been a better choice. Blizzard is trying to profit off of a character who fights against corporations.


Lucio is a musician with a record label. He lives off of corporations.


Oh the irony!!!

That’s actually really ignorant of you to say. You obviously don’t understand how an addiction works or gambling, and it saddens me you think in such a way. Go on, tell people that gambled away their lives because of their addiction they couldn’t control, and are now almost homeless, tell them they need to learn some self control.


It’s not about the fact whether I need it or not. Or whether I even WANT it or not.

It’s the fact Blizzard has been doing disgusting business practices and it’s evidently leaking out.

An awesome item behind over priced crap, which something most people didn’t want in the first place. Well, they still pushed for it and sent money towards it - forcefully kicking it off to hopefully reap those wonderful cash rewards.

Well it backfired it seems, you know - cause it’s proven that when companies get greedy and forget who brought them to where they are - they begin to crumble.

Now Blizzard is reaping the rewards of not listening, not caring about the customers. Their response?

Create something awesome (So they can, just don’t) and then gate it behind that stupid thing most people didn’t want or don’t like. Okay, sounds like a company I never wish to put money towards ever again.


It’s more like a nice bonus and thank you to players who bought into the All-Access pass early in the season enjoying all the benefits (15 skins, AMA, private chat, different viewing angles, etc.) and being a patron to the league. This is also advertising as an incentive to players moving into next years league to let them know that there are great benefits to buying in, so just make sure to buy a pass in 2019 to get this emote and whatever new one they release that season.


Are you trying to say I’m ignorant for believing a person is capable of gradually controlling and ultimately stopping an addiction? That’s pretty ignorant of you. Why would you assume that I think it’s as simple as telling them to stop. Why would you indulge someone who actually has a gambling problem rather than sticking with them and telling what they need to save their own skins and put a smile on their faces. How crude.


They been racking money in the millions already, there’s a point where it reaches full on greed.

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