The latest patch notes have convinced me that some of you dont know what a sniper is

Her SMG does actually hurt, but yeah not enough to justify that as a positive point to the character.

It’s only slightly better than TF2’s Sniper’s SMG, and that thing is yikes

Would you believe I actually had someone try and convince me that you couldn’t use Sombra to counter Widowmaker purely because of her venom mine?

I don’t know if it’s just that I played a crap ton of Tracer so I always look for the mine and no one else… does? But I never run into Widow’s mine, like… ever. Maybe once out of every 50-60 games I guess, if she throws it on the ground during a team fight. But I always see it on the floor or walls and just… walk… around it?

So I don’t know why getting hit with a 75 dot would be enough to make Sombra not able to distract/disrupt Widowmaker, but apparently people think the mine is powerful already lol.

I think it just goes to show that some players have the perception that Widowmaker is this unstoppable sniping goddess, when really her kit is actually pretty lackluster.


snipers in other games don’t have to charge their shots. and they have sidearms and grenades too most of the time.

I’d trade grapple for being able to instantly scope shot people for full damage


Invis counteracts venommine so idk what she’s smoking. Like it actually can’t damage u that’s how much it counters it. I don’t think I’ve been venom mined once as sombra I don’t play her a massive amount tho

Tbh her grapple is pretty strong as u can’t be cced (by that I mean bopped or uppercuted or halted out of it)out of it but now with 175hp I wouldn’t doubt if they buffed it to 11 seconds in a week or so or made it attach to things quicker so she escapes 10/20% quicker

See I haven’t played much Sombra since they changed to infinite invis so I didn’t even know that - all the more reason my argument was valid!

My point was that if you’re having a Widowmaker who is literally decimating your team, you should run a Sombra purely for distraction and make callouts when you’re actively distracting her, giving your team a window of opportunity to engage without the Widow picking them off. Even if you died, even if you just distrupted her but didn’t kill her, you’d still be giving your team that window of opportunity.

But nooooo Widow’s just the most amazing powerful sniper evarrr and she can instantly shoot you dead no matter whats!

edit: I mean these are the same people that don’t even try and play behind shields or cover, or do virtually any change to their playstyle when a Widowmaker is on the field. Hey guys guess what; Widow can’t shoot you through walls, GO IN A BUILDING! There are physical structures in the game that you can use to traverse the map you know!


Yea pretty much bro same reason a lot of other characters got nerfed into the ground. Like cree bap mei… u just counter pick basically.
Especially in widows circumstance I could understand about lack of counterplay if u where gm but like common even in low masters as a torb hanzo soldier player I can deal with her single handedly.

People just lack gamesense and pick what they want (like sure if ur good at that character I’m fine with it but odds are they aren’t). Like hell I even pick up genguu to counter her even though I haven’t played him for ages (he just takes too much effort it’s tiring playing him xD)

Seriously, I was watching a Fitzy video yesterday and he was playing Widow right - He shows up near point, manages to kill a Baptiste that wasn’t even behind cover, and launched himself up into the air after getting body shot, so he’d be even EASIER to shoot - boom kills him. Okay - takes a few pot shots at a reaper, all misses, few shots at a roadhog, misses, most of the enemy is down a narrow alleyway he can’t see well, fair enough right?

So a good idk 45 seconds passed, the enemy team comes back, Fitzy managed to shoot the Baptiste AGAIN because he launched himself into the air… in the same place he died before, so he SHOULD KNOW that Widow can ‘get him’ there, but he did it anyway ~ and that was it, Fitzy missed the rest of his shots and his team kept point.

Think about how much damage ‘down time’ that is, that your team would have several other engagements and need to win them in order for that Widowmaker to be ‘valuable’. Basically when you have Widow on your team she’s feast or famine, and there’s a LOT of down time when you’re… not… doing… anything with her. With other DPS characters you can do poke damage, but with Widow if you’re wasting your charged shots on shields you’re wasting your potential, so you need to wait for potential headshots, which means less damage over time that your team needs to provide to compensate for you.

I honestly don’t think even widows at high levels are that strong, it’s just people play a certain way that allows her to be strong, and don’t even consider the STRATEGIC options they have that would innately counter her; like traveling behind shields, inside buildings, using characters with invis or high mobility that can get past her shots. I mean Hammond can’t get one shotted by Widow, literally can’t! There’s a whole roster of super fast characters where you could dart as a group behind spacial cover and even if she got one of you, that’d be just one of you. Instead I see teams constantly just… walking out to where Widow can get them and then she picks them off one by one and they’re all like D: she’s so powerful!

No you guys just suck at basic strategy.



“She’s just like every other sniper now!!”

Hey,you know what snipers in other games have? The ability to kill you instantly with a body shot with literally no charge up required. And they also have alternate weapons like pistols that hit really hard as well.

Let’s give those to Widow too so she’ll be a “balanced sniper” :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: /s


There’s no way you just said that.
If a widow is dominating you in close range, you’re just bad period.


Really she has weakness of snipers in other games? Scope sway nope, bullet drop nope, flinching when hit? Nope. Immobile nope, Very generous hitboxes? Yep. So no she doesnt have ANY weaknesses a sniper SHOULD have.

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Does Widow have weapon sway? A breathing mechanic? Bullet drop? Flinch? Projectile travel time?

This flat out isn’t true. You can trip a mine while stealthed.

Think grapple needs to return to 10 seconds to compensate.


In other games, snipers are one shots as long as you hit the body. I’d say Widow is at least harder in that she can’t one shot the body without getting super boosted.

Someone should make a workshop mode with a Genji and Tracer bot trapped in this room with the players spectating them.

I do agree in a sense, but I’m worried if that change were to go through, people would explode.

The last few years have honestly made me respect widow players less and less. I used to respect the hell out of them for their skill, but it seems like literally every patch that nerfs her in any way is always “OH MY GOD WHY YOU IDIOTS”

The fact people cannot accept is that this character is too strong. She has way too many options for the damage she can do. Imagine if ana had a grappling hook. I guarantee you people would be having a cow. It’s the same deal here.

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Spider Ana, Spider Ana, swings from a tree, sleeps the hog, does whatever… Spider Ana does.

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Someone tell me what other frontline (hell what other DPS in general) has mobility on a 10 second cooldown and an incredibly weak SMG.

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Well shs ain’t called “Widowmaker” for nothing!

actually not, i’d put her hp on 150 and revert the last nerf