The game is dying


The nerf only effects zens who try to snipe from long distance and constantly spam it.
Stop blowing it way out of proportion…


It’s not important for me i simply move on to battlefield WW2 or BF1 there are lot of FPS games which doesn’t have these stupid game of nerf and buff. Overwatch is becoming frustrating to play.


Compelling and valid argument there.

Welp ,cya.


So many people stopped to play because of the nerfs/buffs.
Plus, the game, after a long time, nothing new is coming, no story mode, no nothing i guess.


Where is the data? How are changes just implemented a couple of hours ago to the PTR killing the game?

Great changes mind You! Reaper and mei needed some love and Dva needed some toning down so idk what issues you have really


You’re right. I was like a very eager fan of overwatch but I’m starting to hate this game. They don’t let me to get used to a hero and constantly keep buffing and nerfing.


You are exaggerating on the Zen change. It just makes the orbs travel slightly slower. The damage is the same and at close range the charged alt fire is still deadly. He just can’t use it to snipe people from across the map anymore. He’s still strong


Reaper buff is fine but not enough. was needed to be nerfed.


Who is May?

He is trash on the aspect of hitbox and zero survivability and being as slow as snail.

Tracer is trash at tanking, buff please.


It’s not about a simple nerf it’s about how this game is becoming frustrating amd unfun to play. It’s about the sick community about the constant changes on every songle hero. One night i sleep and the other day i wake up i see a hero is nerfed or buffed. What is going on in this game. It’s a mess.


Disease kills you slowly.


No, Reaper is way to op now. Nerf him soon as posible blizz


It’s the effect of the community being in poor taste 99% of the time.


He’s ult is useless. Gets interrupted by any hero.


I agree with you on the community. But the hero balancing I personally have no problems with. As skilled players find ways to exploit aspects of the game so me heroes are left unplayable while others dominate so adjustments are made to try and bring those unused heroes in the spotlight again.

I like the hero changes cuz to me it keeps the game from getting stale, there’s always something new and exciting to look forward to.


Actually, Zen isn’t in the top 6 most played heroes until platinum rank. He’s behind Mercy, Moira, Lucio and ANA (of all people), until then, and Mercy and Moira still win in pickrate by a landslide until GM.

Jeff’s list of top 6 most played heroes at each rank:


You know op, LOL players are saying the same thing about LOL. Every mmorpg I played, there is always a player making a thread each month about the game dying.

I wouldn’t say OW is dying, but going through the normal cycle of games. If OW were dying, then you would see drastic measures like switching to f2p mode, more fan service skins, and other similar changes.


I said good pickrate ,not the best pickrate.

As in at least 3.5% or higher.

Also ,on “this month” and this week he has more pickrate than ana in every single rank ,lucio only beats him in silver and bronze ,and he has a higher pickrate than mercy in diamond and above, jeff’s post is outdated


Haven’t people been saying this about LoL for like 5 years, and about WoW for like 10 years? You’d think the game would’ve actually died out by then, but no.


I personally like the fact they are actively trying to balance the game.

Maybe they are doing it wrong maybe they are doing it right, we will see.

Just try to understand they don’t want to kill the game and they are doing the best they can with the info that they have. They aren’t purposely trying to kill the game or trying to get less people to play.