The game is basically full of Smurfs

yes i do think people complain about masters in diamond. just like diamonds in plat and plats in gold. ive also seen it go the other way with tank queus, diamonds in masters ect.

no, i prefer to play in a rank that is reflective of my skill on the hero i am trying to learn. i would ruin games, seeing the same people multiple times (aka ruining more of their games than that of people in a rank where i would never see them again.)

now, how about we stop cherry picking things to reply to and offer your counter argument to the rest of my points?

Oh but we are also cherry picking “bud”. This is why quote function is for and we didnt even quote the whole context just a par of the sentence. What about if we apply our logic to us first?
But that is not all we also use some condescending wording to feel more right or superior but oh well it goes with smurfing right? :smile:

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the context of your post doesn’t change my responses. why? because i didn’t take them out of context.
also, id like an example of what you consider to be condescending if you dont mind

If you say so “bud” must be correct right?

whats with the “bud” in all your responses? is it some immature attempt to ridicule my choice of wording or am i missing something?

Reading this back and forth between you two is mind numbing… How many accounts do you have Nou?

I know a GM smurf who buys an account Every couple weeks. I know a T500 player who has 16 different accounts from silver to T500.

And I know a GM player who has 4 accounts from gold to masters because he plays a game in each tier to warm up before going into GM.

Either way. The fact of not wanting to ruin games at a certain level is not an acceptable answer. Even if the community is smaller. Though I will “loosely” accept the “representative of my skill on that hero.”

Assuming you’re a good person, I’m certain that 90% of all smurfs have malicious intent to play Overwatch and enjoy easy games exploiting bad mechanics, positioning and other short comings that players haven’t figured out yet because climbing the ladder is supposed to be a growth/evolutionary process.


smurfing is a ladder wide problem.


i have 4, 1 main, 2 pre role queue and 1 post role queue.

that just seems like overkill and slightly pointless to me.

i dont have a problem with this as long as they dont throw to stay in said ranks.

i disagree there. if i were to play an off hero in gm i would ruin the same small group of players games until i fell into 3.8 at least. in diamond, there is enough of a population that getting the same players more than once is a rarity.

fair enough.

there are definatly smurfs that have malicious intent but i struggle to say its the majority. neither one of us has any evidence though so i guess its a case of agreeing to disagree here.

this is true and where the grey area starts. i defiantly have more game sense than those in diamond so there is a knowledge gap there but at the same time i am artificially limiting myself by learning a new hero. its a complicated subject.

That’s crazy…why not just warm up with quick play? If you want to Smurf why not just QP and smurf there? I am new-ish to all of this and I’m not trolling, bought the game at launch but never really played it until last year.

I’m confused as to why people are buying multiple accounts…if they’re good players why not just play at you level? Heh, it would be like an NFL player going to a High School to play ball…why? It doesn’t prove anything and going against weaker competition isn’t going to make you a better player, in fact you could argue it makes you a worse player.(If you want to try new heros do QP)

Seems to be the rank system like most things was made with good intentions but in reality its just another system that people can/will abuse for self-gain/satisfaction.


honest answer? qp is genuinely awful experience. you either get tanks that want to play the game and you roll the enemy team (not exactly a good warmup) or you get tanks that play like fat dps and you get rolled (again, not exactly a good warmup)

ill let you make your own mind up for the rest but i and many others that play in comp kinda despise qp because it is just an empty shell of what the game should be.


Fair enough but in that case why would you have more then 2 accounts? 1 account you play your main on and the second where you mess around and play in low ranks(One could argue in low ranks you get about the same competition you get in QP though). :man_shrugging:

I will play the devils advocate here. Buying an alt account should be a bannable offense. About as severe as hacking or cheating.


The only innocent reason to smurf/alt is to play with friends. I know people hate it, but the game should allow anyone to queue with anyone and have the matchmaker even out the teams.

Only then could I see smurfing be punished to the highest degree because at that point you really are just scum.


Because in order to stay low you would have to throw. I use them to learn new heros in a rank that is closer to my skill on said hero, once I rank up then I either have to throw when learning another new hero or get a new account.
Its less of an issue with role queue but there is no way around it in a game like this.

You’re on PC. Smurfs are not a problem. I see smurfs in single digit percentages of my games. You’re just scapegoating your losses on a problem that doesn’t exist.

It does. It means he’s not a smurf, just someone who is at an inappropriate rank for his skill level or letting someone else use his account. So irrelevant to this thread.

nou is just trying to find excuses that he has reached his skill plateau and doesnt want to get t-bagged in his true elo.

so he decides to t-bag noobs below his skill level, refusing to git gud in his actual rank.

mystery solved, watson.


I peaked 4.1. I didn’t think I’d get that high and I’m happy, I sit at 4k currently.

You shouldn’t project like that. It’s transparent and makes you look like a fool.

I made a post about this earlier but you don’t seem to get it. You have an alternate account where you practice other heroes, the game placed you where you were on those heroes and that is fine. An alternate account is not the same as a smurf account, not to me and not to most people that despise smurfs. A smurf directly implies throwing to stay in low ranks. They are one in the same because smurf accounts have to throw to be smurfs. If I buy a second account but try at all times that’s just my second account no matter where I end up. But if I am scummy enough to throw games (even if it’s in a throw group) to stay low enough to dominate no matter what, then I am a problem. What people want is a fair competitive match as often as possible and running into players you are not supposed to be with or against breaks that consistency. Even if it’s against an entire team of throwers, cool I gained a little sr, but I also lost time I could have been in a fair match and honing my skill on heroes I like. Yes, throwing is the inherent issue, but the goal of smurf accounts throwing also needs to be addressed.


I was playing on my lvl 100+ alt today snd had match with 8 low accounts. 4 players at lvl 25. Enemy team was absolutly humiliated, they didnt even push payload around first corner at Route 66. I grouped up with one higher player and those two new accounts thinking how we win next. Wrong, we lost horribly next game :slight_smile:

Not every new player is smurf, not every smurf is good player.