The game crashes

I start the game and it closes automatically, and it does not throw any type of error. I already tried all the options of the common problems for this type of situation, and until now I never had any type of problem with the game. If someone knows how to answer me i will appreciate it

The most common cause is Razer’s driver software.

If you’re still stumped, please add your DxDiag here.

i already had razer synapse 3 for my devices for a long time

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It’s about getting a different version of the software, not having it in general. Can you add the DxDiag report?

when i paste it here i reach the maximum characters

Hey, A7hos3xp! Could you try using Pastebin instead? Post the end of the link. (ie. 123456 for

the end of the link of pastebin iTSWgGNm

Thanks for the help, after reinstaling the game 2 times, and the razer software 2 times now it works. I dont now what tipe of error do i had but its gone. Thanks again for the help

I had the same problem.

  • Moved the OW folder from 1 SSD to another.
  • Deleted the folder.
  • Reinstalled the game.
  • Put the performance on Ultimate.
  • Restarted the PC.

Then, after reading the comment from Nicole regarding it being a Razer Synapse issue, I uninstalled the extra features like "macro, nanoleaf and something with advanced lighting.
Game runs again, same with Diablo 3.

Edit: Problem started about 1 week ago. Before that, 0 problems with the same software I just removed and performance boost.