The Game Crashes On Startup

When i click play my screen goes completely black i go to the crash report and i get this

[74428] [ERR] [bnl] [External(0)] [External()] [2020-06-12T02:25:58.069Z]: PathOps: [20200611T22:25:58] {d818} ERR: … is the leading path component: /…/

[74428] [ERR] [bnl] [External(0)] [External()] [2020-06-12T02:25:58.069Z]: PathOps: [20200611T22:25:58] {d818} ERR: path normalization failed: /…/

and i dont know what it means so if i anyone could help me it would be appreciated

Please add a DxDiag here.

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