The Forums throughout 2018


I running on doomfist hate from first day he was added tbh.


By “mercy threads” i mean both, people for mercy, and against people who like mercy. So even people complaining about mercy threads, anything to do with mercy fits in into the definition


I’m pretty sure that Tracer/Genji hate was more prevalent earlier in the year when dive was the main meta of high-level comps (like OWL). And don’t forget when D.Va was hated for a while (can’t remember when) when the official statistics were released for top 10 Heroes for each rank and D.Va was always in the top 2 and often the most selected.


Can you give me the specific months/time it was more relevant so i can add in to the list :p?


These forums are dark. I know exactly what to expect every time I log in. I’m not sure if this is a problem for the developers to solve or if its just a part of the current state of gaming.


Tracer/Genji: Jan-Mar (pretty much pre-Brig).

D.Va: March (link to first post: Trickle down meta isn't real)


Feb-Aug = The Sombra Wars


DPS mains: “Supports are broken!”
Support mains: “DPS are broken!”
Tank mains: “I could really go for a Judge Reinhardt skin.”


Here I thought every month was Mercy Month…


Guilty as charged.


You forgot Hanzo’s arc!


Aim-lovers: “All tanks and supports (bar Ana and Zen) are broken!” :smiley:

Yup, these sorts of fisticuffs will just keep popping up on these forums, especially considering how many different groups OW tries to appeal to.

Not quite; the Mercy “grouped feedback” threads (i.e. the megathreads that had to keep being created due to how many people kept arguing about Mercy) have stopped.


I just opened the forums today to over 300 unread posts in Mercy topics


Better than when there were about 20k posts a month.



No, they literally dominated the feed. Small posts were constantly being created, and of course the posts that got big were constantly bumped to the top.


hey u forgot our revert symmetra threads . lol


Okay but I’m not actually sure who this is supposed to be an indirect of. Obviously not Titanium because everybody loves them, and rightly so, but I don’t really feel Xavvy or Aria give Mercy mains a bad name either.


I realize names cannot be named, but are you referring to the poster whose name is a type of Metal or the one who used to have a forumname starting with x but now has a forumname starting with r? or someone else?


I don’t love Titanium. But it isn’t directed towards him. It’s neither Aria or Xavvy. We all know who it is. They go a step further and constantly plays the victim, and then wonders why everyone hates Mercy mains.

That’s all I’m gonna say before I get suspended for calling someone out or some bs.


Ohhhhhhhh I know who it is now, I kinda forgot they aren’t a Zen main

Edit: And yes, I agree they actively hinder any progress to healing the DPS/Support divide