The Forum Gods!


Git dunked on :basketball_man:

Edit: So as some of you can see someone deleted everything and replaced it with what is above. I will not name them as it may violate the CoC. So if anyone remembers what was on here I would appreciate the help.

I was just recently reminded of this. So it is time to officially set up the Pantheon of Forum Gods.

Level 3’s help me out with this wiki.

Everyone else, let’s figure out who the forum gods are! Let us find those who belong on the pantheon!

BootLoxes (The OP forum hero)
Yourself :slight_smile:
Baja (God of Baja blasts)
SunDragon (Dragon God of Hero Concepts)
Backsword (God of Justice)
RichC (God of Honor)
Lias (The First God)
JellyandJam (Deity of Positivity/Good Vibes/Inspiration)
GreyFalcon (God of Many Many posts)
Fragehardt (God of Glory)
Titanium (High Priestess of the Acolytes of Mercy)
AkaiEngarde (Muse of Art/Patron Saint of Trash)
VenusAmari (God of Consoling Consoles)
Sunsethippo (God Of Charity And Asking People How They Are)
AntiBravoman (Muse of Memes and Hellposting)
Kiwi (“Can we nerf Mercy already?”)
PezLex (The immovable object)
Nevermore (God of high-quality satire)
Kn0wledge (there must be villains for heroes to exist)
ChibiFox (nice, considerate and the bastion queen of the forums)
Malware (I like being positive )
MeiDei (Lord of the Underworld)
Zence (Ruler of Beachrats, Duke of random ideas)
Zenkai (unproductive SHlTPOSTER and sadistic in game villain)
Emc73 (maybe it wont get removed this time if I just say they are knowledgeable about the game)
SaltySalt (For being an idiot)
TwixSnickers (God of pissing people off and unpopular opinions (and is usually right when it comes to facts.))
Ivan (God of Emojis)
WyomingMyst ( God of Scoreboards and Generosity! )
Reaper (God of all things Reaper. (No not the Gold Mask one, the better one.))
~𝓟𝓱𝓪𝓻𝓗ǝ𝓷𝓽𝓸𝓲 ( The original Bastion God, Who continues to bring us all together in one place. )
KainKent (The God of posting links for everyone until SilentSword stole his job)
TerranGuard (Very Passionate Bastion God, and a great friend to have.)
Astrobiology (God of competitive shot-calling.)
Somvra (a survivor of a dead species that has ascended to godhood)
ApexTeamwork (God of logic and reason. Steadfast observer of chaos.)
Dr4gon97 (the tutorial extraordinaire)
GenjiIsCool7 (I have literally nothing special about myself, and I hate everyone here) well I hate you too then
Maverick (the GodMaster of explosions and mayhem)
PositiveGenji (intern to JellyandJam)
DarthWinston (Patron Saint of doing the most)
Bastion (01100010 01110111 01101111 01101111)
Alexis!(the buff Junkrat god, formerly known as SPGG)
SpydorBight, recovery mastermind :brain:
JoeyFerrs (The Partaint Saint of Prequel Memes)
SilentSword (doesn’t do anything special)
OhMyBob (R.I.P. he finally got a job)

StarDust (Evil posts are unforgivable)
Hehe jacobisaboss top 70% in bronce
Sprinkles298 (deity of controversy)
astro (messenger of the gods and god of Lucio) [Overwatch News Bulletin and Lucio Lounge]
Eolynn (For being best mom)
Megadodo- god of “factual” discord and debate
Casdir (For taking a thread on a video games forum seriously)
RevertMercy (God of Persistence)
Idocrase (For spending to much time here but not posting much, but apparently appears on every thread magy reads)

eclipse, jester with too much time on her hands

Special Thanks

KVKH, is the author of :joystick: [Wiki] What Arcade modes are available today? Your go-to schedule for the Overwatch Arcade.

Dr4gon97, is the author of the Forum HTML tutorial Your must read guide for links and forum privileges.

And last but not least Ivan, author and co-author SaltySalt of 𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓞𝓿𝓮𝓻𝓶𝓸𝓳𝓲 𝓒𝓪𝓯é:𝓻𝓮 | Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day Your one-stop emoji shop, and the provider of over half the icons/emojis used in this thread.

So thanks for your contribution to the community! You guys rock!


Bow down. Before my might and then cower.


This should be interesting… Ill grab the popcorn


The Chief High God Emperor Supreme of the great Overwatch Forum pantheon is our Lord and Savior Jeff Kaplan


It’s quite obviously me.




RichC, Fragehardt, and JellyandJam belong somewhere on this list.


i put myself on there


In place of papa jeff :smile:




Can I be one of the muses of art? Or something :V
Heck you could just make me the patron saint of Junkrat

JellyandJam is definitely the deity of positivity


I nominate Titanium. They’re the leader of the Acolytes of Mercy, and has the best written feedback posts.

They have written hundreds of pages in feedback, and always back it up with stats and well reasoned agruments.


I’m no god, but I am a level three who’s at your service.
How can I help?


Add those you feel to be on the pantheon, and add those that others suggest.


How about selecting images that you feel best represent the users in the pantheon?


where is this wiki and can i be invited?


What he means by Wiki posting, is people who are allowed to edit other people’s posts when they make it a Wiki post, so if you have level 3 capabilities you can go up to the top and edit the post as necessary, it’s under the option of the wrench when you hit Level 3


The OP is the wiki. If you are level 3 with trust, you can edit it.


oh i was wondering why i could edit op’s post, thx


RichC, JellyandJam, Sunset, and Somvra.