The Final Brig nerf I could accept

Sounds like a good compromise if the shield bash damage goes back to the original level.


Obvious troll but I’ll bite this time:

  • Tracer loses 10 hp for each blink and recall undoes the damage she dealt too.

So, the fact that it deals a pitiful 5 damage and is on a 7 second cooldown isn’t enough?

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From Geoff’s comments, he said she was overpowered. WAS.

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Probably AOE heal, either easier to trigger or stronger heal.

Could also make it so that the AOE heal doesn’t stack with Lucio, to keep that balanced.

He’s definitely implying he wants more nerfs

Very strong <> overpowered. They’ll probably do some reworking, not nerfing.

Repair Pack, Turn it into a heal over time instead of an instant heal

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No, no, no. Buffs are for underpowered characters.

Don’t worry, it’s an easy mistake to make. Happens a lot on these forums.

Good. Now that we have established this…


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As I said, buffs are reserved for underpowered characters. Brig should stay as she is.

Could you put a screen shot of their win rates beside that please and remember Ana, Lucio and Zen have nerfs coming in the next patch

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And this is why we have the balance team and not claims like yours balancing the roster.

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So buff Brig for 2-2-2, and nerf Brig for 3-3.

Pretty simple.

I’ve got you covered, chief.

As you can see, in GM where GOATS is run, other heroes are rivaling Brigitte’s win rate while somehow maintaining a pick rate that is astronomically higher than hers. Those other characters are just as, if not more than, essential to the GOATS composition, while also being viable in other compositions.

In lower ranks, we see Brigitte’s pick rate drop harshly, resulting in her being the least picked healer overall on ladder right now. She still maintains a fairly high win rate, but has a ridiculously low pick rate in lower ranks, much like Torb and Sym.

Brigitte is a niche pick that is only strong in the GOATS composition because of its synergies which enable her. As soon as GOATS falls off, she will be considered a throw pick and people will report you for simply selecting her, much like Torb and Sym.

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You are replying to a level 1 hideen profile. He got his main banned<-- not true, sorry.

now he is trolling in every possible way.

And all those support above her in pick rate are getting nerfed hard and it is STILL probably not going to be enough.

Which is why we reached the what is next point we are at cause I am pretty sure they are assuming the current round of support nerfs won’t get the job done

She’s going to get reworked… just wait and see.

I like the idea that the armor packs become more of a skill shot as a thrown projectile you actually have to aim. To gain any level of respect in the community her kit is going to have to involve more skill for the value. Same thing was done to Sym, and while it didn’t fix her standing completely, it went a long way.

As BTC pointed out, she has 750 effective health on a relatively small shield area, so that either her shield is regenning when down, or health is regening, or both, a fact people tend to gloss… that’s pretty potent for any character. Compared to say Reins and Orisa and WInstons which are much, much larger. I bet on a rework that shield is dropped to 300.

I’m fully aware. However, she is currently the weakest link of GOATS. If they do ever nerf the composition enough to finally kill it, Brigitte is going to be in a bad spot. She is not currently viable outside of GOATS, and is going to need buffs if she ever wants to compete in a meta that doesn’t run three healers.

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I hate to break it to you, but BTC wasn’t the one who said this. It was YourOverwatch.