The Ex Card has some pretty good changes though!

I know it’s an AF joke, but some of these changes are actually really good. The things that should be considered:

  1. Mei Tank
  2. Sym Beam (a little less range though lol)
  3. Sombra Stealth buffs (moves and decloaks faster)
  4. Sig maybe??
  5. Bastion scale reduction

We said 15m and they gave us 16 lmao. I wonder if they think of our suggestions as jokes.

The D.Va one is the best one 100%.


Wholeheartedly agree. But 16m is a little much if not hella fun

They 100% do. I think the message from the Dev’s to us is “be careful what you wish for”

I fell for it cause they already did their “joke” last week so I didn’t read and just immediately scrolled to Moira and I just sat there really sad about it.


I’ve always had issue with a two ton mech dropping to earth from outer space at mach ten not being capable of killing whoever has the misfortune of being crushed underneath it. From a logical perspective it makes sense. From a balance perspective, it would actually make people weary of pushing Dva too hard.

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Why should people be weary of pushing baby too hard? If anything it should be meka not babe

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tbf, that mech is probably more dropping from like 10,000ft

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Higher speed is good thing

But decloack… she is so cancer without it

I mean I’m a Lucio main so I wouldn’t mind his change going live

Then give the mech buffs. Dva needs literally anything. Given a joke buff actually sounds like something she needs, the state of Dva is clearly not good.

It’s backfired then, because to me, 16m Sym feels so much more fun to play than Live Sym that I can’t even express it in words.

Fair, but the sym change is the tamest one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yeah the delay needs to stay. Its cheesy otherwise.

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I’m taking it to mean that all of the changes which have been suggested such as Syms/Meis being included in the joke patch to mean that the devs tried them already and decided that they will never hit live.

Or maybe they wanted an excuse to try it out without people flipping out over it. Sym actually feels like a damage hero now…