The Event Sprays


By the way, if you answer the question, you’re good to earn OWL tokens up until you win one of the 100 token prizes. After that, you need to go re-answer it if you want to win more tokens (even if you just want the 1 token per match, because you essentially enter a contest every match to see whether you’ll get 1 or win 100). I’m Canadian too and I haven’t won 100 yet so I’ve collected roughly 50 tokens without having to re-answer the question, but a friend of mine got lucky and had to re-answer it twice in a week haha. Have fun with all your tokens!


Has anyone actually gotten any of the sprays yet? Anyone? I’m Canadian (like a few of the people in this topic) and I haven’t gotten a single thing yet (outside the basic player icon that you got from logging in) and I’ve been on this stream for over 3 hours now (and I know Twitch is connected to my battlenet account).

I’m in a small town with crappy internet so I can’t really go crazy with bandwidth (I have twitch set to 160p to save as much as possible) and it’s really frustrating not getting any sort of update officially about how this works or if something went wrong.

Also sucks having to do this in the first place despite having actually bought the Mercy skin (imo buying the skin should have unlocked all content for this event).


I still haven’t after the 2 hours+ watching


Nope, nothing. Been watching for four hours already.
Guessing no one has gotten theirs yet?


Nothing for me and it’s been four hours.


There are plenty of other streams listed at Pink Mercy Twitch Drops FAQ.

I’m currently watching HALtv. I used to watch QueenE but after seeing that channel do a bronze to GM run a while back I no longer support it as that skews matchmaking for others.


Pretty sure only QueenE’s channel is getting the rewards, some other channel does tomorrow, etc. Unless I’m wrong?


Oh right, I see, that sucks if that’s true. Oh well :), thanks for letting me know!


There’s a list of all the different streamers you can watch and QueenE’s is the one currently on.

I’ve been watching her since the stream started and it’s just… nothing. No sprays, nothing.


Yeah, same with HALtv, and it says ‘drops enabled’ too.


Upwards of 4 hours and still nothing for me either


May 18 (6:00am - 2:00pm PDT):
So I’m guessing that he’s not going to actively “drop” until that day.


HALtv’s isn’t till the 18th lmao


Ah that would explain it, guess I’ll have to go to a stream I don’t want to anyway. Thanks for sharing.

EDIT: Wrong I believe!

“In addition to streaming for charity, these channels will also have Pink Mercy Twitch Drops enabled any time they stream Overwatch from May 8 to May 21. See above section for details.”

So from that, I should be able to watch any supported stream during the event between May 8th and May 21st, not a specific streamer each day.


Oh! You’ll probably receive your rewards after the stream ends! With OWL (for me at least) I receive them after the match ends. So you’ll probably receive rewards when the stream ends don’t worry!


Don’t get upset yet- just wait until it ends then we can see if you get them or not ! :v


They confirmed its now done in batches


So do you know when the batches are released? I watched something in the neighborhood of 7 hours of QueenE’s stream before it was over and am yet to receive anything from it?


So I just checked and I have gotten the in-game spray “ribbon” and “cure”

but have NOT gotten the in-game player icon “pink”.

I didnt keep track of the timing i watched under QueenE’s twitch, but do the in-game rewards go by the hour? (since i only got the sprays but NOT the icon?)


Try to look at mercys sprays only she can use the new one.