The dev's were right all along

This was from March 20th. Maybe the devs do actually look out as far as 9 months ahead, or even further.

Maybe in the future buff Reaper before he misses his chance in a meta? :wink:

Have more faith in the dev’s they seem to look way further than any of us do


If only they knew how to influence the game to ensure it played out as they envisioned instead of nightmare scenarios. Lul.


Mercy comes to mind…

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At least the tank meta brings three supports, so no more complaining about no one playing the healer :joy:

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This is what I keep saaaaying.


Or maybe they dragged their feet for a buff that should’ve been out a month after that QA, instead of nine.


still waiting for actual reaper buff. Not that token “here’s your buff, now shut up”

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He is going to be way better against tanks. Not magically viable. But it is not a token buff. The spread nonsense was just because we were asking and I guess we are back to square one on that issue.

“We feel as if she’s in a good place and doesn’t need any changes.”

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dive was out of control, then brig came out. double sniper, then a dive tank that literally cant be headshot comes out, triple tank triple support then we get AOE+DOT with Torb and Ashe. i think they have things under control with the heros, fingers crossed for better competitive mode ( amature league and tournaments plz)

Proceeds to change her for the worst in a week…

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i feel like he just needs a shadow step on par with fade, i never think i would like to fade but ima get murdered if i try.

People love to trashtalk the devs because they don’t balance the way “they” want.

Another example of this is when about a year ago people said Reinhardt needed buffs; in an interview Jeff said that Reinhardt was fine, that he needed no buffs, of course reactions in the forums weren’t quite positive. One year later and without buffs outside of bug fixes Reinhardt is the mst picke character across the ladder.

I’m not saying saying they don’t do mistakes (Mercy rework) but people go to far manytimes.


They enable it, the mercy rework is a complete example and so is the current state of her.

they gave him multiple buffs after that, they went live on april 10th, what are you talking about


  • Death Blossom
    • Reloads Hellfire Shotguns after use
  • Wraith Form
    • Move speed bonus increased from 25% to 50%
    • You can now cancel the ability by pressing the Shift or Primary Fire hotkey

wraith cancel was a yuge quality of life buff.