The big thing that is coming this week

That’s true. I’m honestly quite curious as to what they have planned for us…

Can’t you just… Look at the top of the screen?

The ability to check stats of any player I watch by pressing tab, like in game, but in replay

I’d much rather they give an option to remove all the annoying UI in replays so we can actually make Machinima

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I don’t think that’s really something that will net result in better gameplay. But the medals/stats arguments are a dead horse not worth beating, so I’ll leave it there.

I believe you can press alt-x to disable all UI… Would have to double check though.

Unfortunately I am a filthy console peasant and I couldn’t figure it out lmao

EDIT: You mean the mappable option in game to just turn off UI? If that is the only way that is horrible UI design

PTR is already live. I would’ve expected him to be on PTR if that were the case.

I am pretty sure this is it.

I’m hoping for Mauga.

While we are at it, I’d like to be able to save a replay just like you can with highlights


Crossplay between consoles would be good.


Adding a new hero doesn’t change how we play the game at all, it just changes how the heroes interact with each other.

Prepare to be underwhelmed.

Could be an improved communication wheel.

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It’s literally just gonna be this

Patch 1.43 clarification

Alt-Z hides all UI in overwatch at any time you want, just don’t forget it because it’s the only way to unhide it.

Yeah when Quiznos said that I realized that the option in the settings menu is what I am looking for but being on console that means I’d have to map it to a button for all heroes to be able to actually use it. Annoying but workable.

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Between consoles for sure. 100%

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If it’s 1-3-2 with current balance you can kiss every tank player goodbye haha. Imagine rein… shield activated, destroyed…activated, destroyed. Orisaa, stand behind my…forget it.
Sadly, I think the changes will be severely underwhelming but i would love to be proven wrong.